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Network attack detected by Scan.Generic.PortScan.TCP

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So, those "attacks" as I already told in my previous posts, are originated in some device connected in your local network.




You can disable those warnings, just disabling 1st setting... but I would 1st discover what device is running those scannings...

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19 minutes ago, Very-Original said:

By the way, i dont know where to found this settings...


Settings -> Security Settings -> NetWork Attack Blocker


And no, nothing to do with Hardware Virtualization not available, since You are in W11 and probably Microsoft Hypervisor is enabled.


Also, I see You are in KIS, You may try to migrate to the new product line:



Download: https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads#update-product


Your KIS license will activate the new Kaspersky Standard currently in version 21.16.



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