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Momentary Connection Reset Errors During Web Browsing

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Starting oh probably a couple months ago, on my Windows 11 machine running Edge Browser I started periodically getting Connection Reset errors when going to various website.  The issue is very sporadic and typically Edge sucessfully automatically loads the page within a couple seconds of the connection reset error page being displayed.  I loaded Firefox which doesn't have any plugins installed and had the same problem eventually.  So I logged into my Wifi router and looked at the WAN (the Internet connection) stats and the number of errors was like 40 errors to 4 million packets.  I also verified with my roommate that they were not experiencing the problem on their chromebook. So the combination of these two things allows me to rule out an unstable Internet connection and the fact Firefox had the issue ruled out the Edge browser of one of my extensions on Edge causing the problem.

The behavior is very similar to what I've seen in the past with Chrome when the cache needed to be cleared. Sometimes the CSS of a page would not completely load so the formatting was all screwy and this has also started happening ocassionally.  Multiple attempts to clear the Edge cache has made no difference.

So then I start to go through the logical thinking process asking what would be involved in loading web pages that is not specific to a browser or browser plugin?  The anti-virus software.

I am going to temporarily switch to Windows Defender to see if that fixes it which will confirm it's Kasperky causing the issue.

But has anyone run into a similar issue and determined it was Kaspersky anti-virus causing the problem?

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