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Master Password for each device

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Hi everyone,
This is my first time using KS Key Manager.
I don’t know If it’s possible to not merge the device passwordsI have a total mess!
I mean I bought the 5 devices Kaspersky Total Security for my family, but I can only use an account for activate the product in each device.

I try to change the master password in my PC desktop but it changed the master password of my MBP and my phone.

Is there a way of creating a master password for each device?,

because I don’t want to merge my cards and email accounts with my family members, and I want to have certain passwords for each device.


For example:

Family Member 1: has a phone and a laptop.

  • Same master password for both devices = Same saved passwords.

Family Member 2: has a phone.

  • Has his/her own master password, another device can’t access to his/her passwords

Family Member 3: has a phone and a laptop.

  • Different passwords for each device.
  • Has his/her own master password, other devices can’t access to his/her passwords.

If someone knows a possible solution reply plz.

If this option isn’t available I hope the Kaspersky developer team could create an option like that.

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  • Solution

Hello @Akari4,


  • A 5 devices Kaspersky Total Security license can be for 1 or 2 users. 
  • The number of users the license covers is defined in the MyKaspersky account, Licenses, Details section - see image example at the end of our reply.
  • That means there can be 1 (the same) or 2 Kaspersky Password Manager vaults on 5 devices - not 5 separate Kaspersky Password Manager vaults. 
  • & that means there can be 1 (the same) or 2 MyKaspersky accounts on 5 devices - not 5 separate MyKaspersky accounts. 
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Family is the software license that covers your described requirements. 
  • Kaspersky never record, store or know the Kaspersky Password Manager Master password, if the Master password is lost or unable to be remembered, it can never be recovered (by Kaspersky). 

Thank you🙏



About Kaspersky Password Manager



Also, most of the tags added to your topic are completely unrelated to the topic.

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