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 I would like to ask a question respectfully.  According to the Forum Guidelines, live links are permitted for products and sites not in competition with K products.  I saw your recent post in which you included a live link to AdwCleaner.  I can provide the link to your post if you request.  The live link in your post would be in accord with the Forum Guidelines, as I understand them, since K does not market an equivalent product.  You gave that poster good advice.

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    Publication of links or software from third-party vendors of information security products, or their use when resolving issues (if Kaspersky has already developed similar products).

    You informed me just after I had joined that live links were not permitted in the Forums; see this dead link:


I raise this issue only because it confuses me as a new Forum member.  I want to avoid breaking or bending any Forum rules.  As I learn more about Kaspersky products, I hope to become a frequently contributing Forum participant.

I apologize for "hijacking" this topic.  If you would suggest the appropriate Forum, I can open a new topic or do this via PM.

Thank you for your patience.  Have a great day.


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I remain confused. 🤷‍♂️  Please confirm or correct my interpretation of the Forum Guidelines, which state that posting live links is permitted, provided that they are not to a site or product in competition with K products.

I don't profess to know what enhanced rights Moderators have, but my interpretation of the Forum Guidelines is that, as a Member, I could have posted a live link to AdwCleaner in your topic, assuming it was relevant to solving the member's problem . . . ?

I also do not see any prohibition in the Forum Guidelines to members posting live links to other posts in these Forums . . .

Just to give you some background, I got a warning PM from @Alexandru_BD, the Forum Administrator, of my previous antivirus solution Forums.  It was one of the straws that broke this camel's back.  I posted there just what you had posted here to assist one of their users.

I am trying to seek clarity.  I have no wish to be cautioned or banned.  My online reputation is very important to me.  I need to understand the rules here.

Your response did not shed much light for me.  Perhaps I am not as quick as I used to be . . .  It would be wonderful if you could explicitly spell out the Forum Moderating and Admin Team's expectations.

I did receive some good advice from @Flood and Flood's wife, in one of my early posts here, that it would be wise for me to be very cautious until I learned the dynamics of these Forums.  I have been a member of enough Forums for long enough to know that there are always "Forum politics," as I term it.  I have no interest in that.

So, following that sage advice, I seek only clarity to avoid being cautioned or banned.  Signing off now for the day.

Have a great day.


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, garioch7 said:

I am trying to seek clarity.  I have no wish to be cautioned or banned.  My online reputation is very important to me.  I need to understand the rules here.

Just to give you some background, I got a warning etc.

Hello @garioch7

From our experience - IF we're unsure about something - we either ask a Mod OR Admin -> there's not necessarily always a hard-&-fast-rule that's set in concrete; there needs to be some flexibility for the Moderators & Admin; they're not robots. 

Also, there's a Forum guideline: Each section of the Forum may have its own specific rules that are established by the leaders of the particular section without conflicting with the main rules of the Forum.

That GL 'speaks' in generic terms, it's opened ended, as a consequence - it says a lot - it's not explicitly written as the other GL are. 

Whatever happened in the past - in your old forum, we'd suggest you forget it, let it go -> IF things start to go pear-shaped (for you) in the Kaspersky Community, reach-out to a Moderator OR a Kaspersky Admin. 

& IF you receive a PM that you think is unwarranted, again: reach-out to a Moderator OR a Kaspersky Admin. 

See the paperclip icon, it's for links, in the GL there's three links statements:

  • Don't post: (1) Malicious files/links; (2) 3pty if Kaspersky already has a product; (3) KSN requests. 
  • What's not stated & does not need to be, can post: links to Kaspersky doco; Kaspersky websites, other resources - as @harlan4096 said above - that tool helped solve an issue - bottom line - IF (you're) unsure - ask first. 

Thank you🙏

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@Flood and Flood's wife,

Thank you for the clarification.  That was what I was seeking.  I am still finding my way around here.  Each Forum has its own dynamics and rules and it takes time to get the "lay of the land."

My confusion arose from being advised by a Moderator that "live" links were not permitted, as I explained in my first post of this newly split-off topic.  I have to say with admiration that the Moderators are very efficient here.

I was actually gratified that @harlan4096 posted a live link to a product that could solve the user's issue.  That was not permitted in my old Forum.  I always thought I and my colleagues here (and there) were to help people, not restrict them to a single company/app if it could not do the job.  Believe me, I left that Forum with NO regrets, and I am NOT looking back.  K-Premium is a vastly superior product.

Since I have my "own" topic now, and just as an observation, I first posted here about the warning on the main K-Premium GUI that could not be dismissed because I had another app providing a complementary layer of protection.  I am getting on in years, but it struck me only today that K Android does not complain about the Android version of that security product installed on both my Samsung Galaxy S21 and S7 phones . . .  Go figure . . .

This topic can be closed/locked as resolved.  Thank you, and have a great day.


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