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KSK, Phone app - Category = Unknown || Kaspersky are demanding traces for the issue to be progressed - why?

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We've spent 3 weeks seeking to understand why Kaspersky are demanding a full trace of our daughter's phone app, on her phone, when the the issue is:

  1. Not a user problem.
  2. Not a device problem. 
  3. Nothing more than a consequence of a lazy KSK developer who's forgotten to categorize the KSK Phone app correctly... 

BUT, to try & accommodate the request & ignore the obvious heavy handed overtones & invasion of privacy, for the last two weeks we requested an *alternative method of transporting the traces, from the phone to Kaspersky*, as we refuse to send the traces, from the phone via the KSK app, or via the mail app.... 

How do they handle it? 

Kaspersky closes the case. 

Bravo Kaspersky!

No wonder KSK clunks along like a dying relic from the last century?

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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