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KPM Patch J 'Data Processing for Marketing Purposes' issue

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • The advice from Kaspersky Technical Support is “the interface improvement refers to the appearance of a yellow ⚪ icon in KPM interface if the marketing agreement is not agreed to
  • Hmmm, & how do you DECLINE the “agreement”? 
  • Oh, well, that’s the tricky bit, first you must ACCEPT the UNWELCOME marketing agreement, then “magically”, the DECLINE BUTTON appears, with little fatty crying his ears out & telling you “The app won't improve as quickly. Thanks to the info you provide, we tailor the app to your needs, quickly fix bugs & design a great experience”, oh boo hoo, the application is not improved by agreeing to invasive marketing conditions. 
  • & when you select DECLINE, you get the yellow  blemish back, just to remind you, you made a cute green🐻😭  









  • Forcing Kaspersky Customers to ACCEPT Marketing so they can DECLINE Marketing is not polite, nor is it smart, it’s certainly not an improvement and forcing anyone to do anything is not a “choice”; it’s dictatorial; furthermore, apart from the fact the whole process is laborious, it’s not transparent & not documented. 

Not impressed Kaspersky. 

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