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KPM Not compatible with Opera GX

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I tried to install KPW in Opera GX but when I try to open the extension it request for the main password, even if I have not logued into Kaspersky previusly, then when I try to put my main password, it says that is not correct (is the correct password), what can I do to solve it? KPW wo rks fine in Opera but not in Opera GX



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Hello @Xafy


No Opera browser is not supported, reference: Kaspersky Password Manager for Microsoft Windows, Computer requirements, Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium (version 106 or later)
  • Firefox (the latest version)
  • Chrome (version 106 or later)
  • Yandex.Browser (the latest version)
  • Vivaldi, Brave, Comodo Dragon (a limited number of features are available in a pilot mode. 

Reference: Kaspersky Password Manager for Microsoft Windows, Kaspersky Password Manager extensions

Kaspersky Password Manager lets you install extensions for all installed browsers during the initial setup of the application. When you install a new browser supported by Kaspersky Password Manager, the browser will appear in the Browsers section, and you can install the extension for the browser. You can also install browser extensions manually.

Kaspersky Password Manager lets you install extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Yandex.Browser and other Chromium-based browsers if these browsers are installed on the computer.


Even tho the KPM software may work with a particular browser, that's not listed, it does not mean that browser is *actually* supported. 

Thank you🙏

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