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KIS vs KS under the 'hood'.

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I get that visually; Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Standard are different. I have read it in other posts about what the difference is. I understand that KS is replacing KIS, and that you can use your KIS subscription to activate KS. These are the answers given to the question "what is the difference between' when it is asked.

My question is: are they different component and feature-wise behind the GUI? To elaborate, are they using the same underlying modern technologies? Or does KS have some functionality in terms of security and protection that KIS does not have?

I ask because I like the look of KIS and want to continue to use it until it is retired. BUT, I am willing to sacrifice this want for a need if KS is using better technology underneath the pretty 'face'.

Thank you for your time.

Edit to add: I am only asking about the Windows desktop versions, I don't need the other device functionality like ios or android.

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21 minutes ago, Berny said:

@ghostchips Welcome.

Please see “Explore the features” in this FAQ

Hi and thank you.

I have read those pages about Kaspersky standard. what I want to know is if Kaspersky Internet security has all the malware/exploit/etc protection as Kaspersky standard for Windows desktop. Are they equal in protection and security? Thank you.

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