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KIS android keep locking phone

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A long time ago and still not fixed... 

Can you please verify that i am not alone? 

Go to settings, apps, kaspersky and there is premissions (i want allow camera premission) because i need anti theft but phone always locked after ťap to premissions... 

Try tap on the marked section then phone will be locked you need unlock your phone by your password or pin or whatever you have set up... 



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I finally do it but it was hard... 

After few attempts i enabled it when i recorded screen... But when i repeat once again if it works then again blocked ?.. 

Yea i wroted directly into tech support. A month ago maybe case is open still...if will be fix they reply to me. 


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4 hours ago, nexon said:

Also in support page on mykaspersky cant see now which cases are open or closed (or history)... 

Hi Nexon, 

Approximately 9 months ago, Kaspersky shutdown incident management via (our) MyKaspersky accounts; it now takes place https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts, the only way to track a case nowadays is via the email trail, if the Kaspersky team send (you) emails or via chat transcripts. 

Thank you?


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