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1 hour ago, Dimitris said:

I have downloaded the Kaspersky VPN installation file. When I choose to install, I get the message: "The program is not compatible" and it doesn't install.

Hello @Dimitris


  1. Which OS, refer: How to find the version of your operating system
  2. Post a full screen screen-print, including system date & time, of the error, we need to see what you see? 
  3. Which region/location are you in please? 
  4. Where was the KVPN installation file downloaded from, post the URL please? 
  5. Is any other Kaspersky software installed? 
  6. Is Kaspersky VPN Premium or Free? 
  7. Is there any other VPN software installed? 
  8. Has the VPN installation guide been followed? 
  9. Is the OS compatible, refer: 

Please post back?

Thank you?


Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
changed when to where ?|| added extra questions
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