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Kaspersky Security Cloud & Windows Defender Cloud-delivered protection

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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Windows 10 Pro – 1909 64Bit

Do Kaspersky recommend leaving Windows Defender Cloud-delivered protection switched On or Off?

As I use Kaspersky, Windows Defender real-time protection is obviously not active, but Cloud-delivered protection and Automatic sample submission can still be switched on and off.

I have Cloud-delivered protection enabled and Automatic sample submission switched off. What Defender settings do Kaspersky recommend? Never had any issues, just curious.

Thank you. Thoughts

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Hi Thoughts,

According to Microsoft article here the Cloud-delivered protection is available in Windows Defender active mode, and, according to the same article, with a third party anti-virus installed Windows Defender should go to disabled mode to escape conflicts. 

As you can find here Windows Defender is not compatible with Kaspersky Security Cloud. 

Conclusion: it is recommended to disable cloud-delivered protection in order to prevent possible compatibility issues. 




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