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Kaspersky prevented the software loading the driver

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It is a game injection program and I confirm that it is 100% safe, but I can't use it. Kaspersky is blocking the driver from loading. I added the whitelist list, the trust list, restarted the computer, and still can't load the driver, so what should I do? Can you solve this problem? My solution is to uninstall Kabasky. This is the only way I can find, but I like Kaspersky, so does anyone know how to get that injector to load the driver method for this software on a computer that has Kaspersky installed?


 _______ _______ _______ _______
|\     /|\     /|\     /|\     /|
| +---+ | +---+ | +---+ | +---+ |
| |   | | |   | | |   | | |   | |
| |S  | | |E  | | |B  | | |O  | |
| +---+ | +---+ | +---+ | +---+ |
        Made by Najtsabes#8795
To inject for Warzone type IW8 in lobby and press ENTER.


[- Driver Logs -] Starting Driver...

[ - Logs - ] -> driver load error =<

window class name:

Drive failed:


Drive success:


Injector Download

It is safe, Kaspersky did not report it as a virus




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On 2023/6/1 at PM5点01分, murat5038 said:





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On 2023/6/10 at AM3点38分, Flood and Flood&#x27;s wife said:


This is a false positive, this is a game hacking injector, it passed the detection of the hacker forum virus analyst, many people use it, no one says it is a virus, because the driver has to pass the EAC anti-cheat detection using the injector has some Behavior with high authority leads to false positives of antivirus software


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On 2023/6/10 at AM2点57分, murat5038 said:



I don't think Kaspersky will add it as a trust, because this is a game hack injector, it has a lot of high-privilege behaviors (bypassing the EAC anti-cheat system), these behaviors are very sensitive to anti-virus software, I wonder That’s why I quit Kaspersky to add whitelist trust and still can’t use it. I use another anti-virus software to add trust and there is no problem. It’s just that I like Kaspersky a little more. I’m very entangled in fish and bear’s paw


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Hello @ailun15

52 Security vendors agree with Kaspersky: however, the *only* people *qualified* to analyze & determine if the file/object/url is a false positive - are the Kaspersky Virus Lab, follow this guide: Kaspersky application blocks my website or application. What should I do?, on the support page: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts, select Email OR Chat - then fill in the template as follows: 


Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏

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