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kaspersky free subscription expired?


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hey guys, so i use this kaspersy free version for over a year now (i think) and today it seemed like it turned off or smth, the little icon in the bottom right is red and when i go to the app main window it says "subscription problem". im attaching the picture to see what messages i actually get.

my question is, while i get it that some features might be turned off or smth, is my pc protected at this point or whats going on? why would there be subscription expiring for a free version? which features are actually turned off if any?


thank u in advance for the time and help, really appreciate it <3


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hey, so i DLed the executable from the link u provided, i reinstalled over the current version that i had, i rebooted when asked and it was showing the same red little icon just like in the picture i've sent. i clicked "details" the "subscription problem" message, and it was an "update status" option in the bottom right, clicked that and now the green icon reappeared so problem solved i guess, ty 🙂

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