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kaspersky endpoint security vs internet security !

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hello all,

i wonder why there's no Kaspersky browser extension for the endpoint security version, both Anti banner and private browser are nice feature to have too.

and there's something drive me crazy, i visit a website in my personal pc which i have internet security version on it and kaspersky prevent me to browes it because the site have HEUR:Trojan-PSW.Script.Generic and am thank full for kasper protection, but the weird behavior that on my work laptop the endpoint security didn't detect the web trojan and the website work fine, i double check it in the same time for my personal and work laptop the endpoint security not detect anything ! which drive me crazy it should be more secure than the home version i did check the web threat setting in the endpoint security and its fine security set to high, block download and deep scan everything fine

does anyone have explanation for this behavior!

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