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Kaspersky EDR Expert vs Kaspersky KATA platform with just KEDR license

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Hi every one,

I just have been confused!!

my license is Kaspersky endpoint detection and response Expert but I can add this into KATA platform(KEDR section).

KATA platform is OK. In Endpoint Agent part of product I can not use it to activate KATA component in KES.

It only activate Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert but I can see this client in KATA platform!

Can you help me?🙏

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This license is not compatible with KATA it is a separate solution (cloud console)



For its operation, you must use the Cloud Console


and enable the client to install the appropriate components, and configure them.




At the same time, it should be taken into account that the KATA component and KERD-Expert do not work together ... you need to choose one thing.


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thank you dear.

yes that's right. but my question is why I can add this license into KATA Platform exactly in KEDR part??

I can use this license in client as EDR Expert license(your screen shot) and what I said later!!!! ???

It only works with Endpoint Agent, not EDR Expert component in KES (11.7 or later).

Screenshot (55).png

Screenshot (56).png

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The Endpoint Agent does not seem to have a mechanism for checking such a license and treats it as a simple EDR, the same with the KATA platform, which is why you can see them in your control panel.

However, I can not say how correctly this option will work.

I think for detailed explanations it is better to contact your partner at Kaspersky Lab, or through the technical support portal.


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You can use KEDR Expert on KATAP ( Kaspersky targeted attack platform) as an on-perm solution, that's why KATAP has two license sections, if you don't like to use the cloud solution for any reason, you can use KATAP as an on-perm solution. the difference is without a KATA(NDR) license, Network sources like SPAN, ICAP, Mail, etc...  would not function, and only endpoints telemetry, and objects would be analyzed. 

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