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Kaspersky detects many viruses in Kali Linux ISO

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Question Regarding “Kaspersky Internet Security Protection”:


I’v had Kaspersky for a while now, and I think its a great Internet Security tool, however, for the past 6 months, I have had a issue where the application states that I have “819 objects”.


I select to “Resolve all”, and this will load, but I don’t feel it would do anything even after leaving the desktop on for over 24 hours, as I am still left with “819 object” at the end.


This was after a re-install of the application (Although it took some-time to “find” the objects, perhaps to do the initial scan.) The application still states there are “819 objects”.


I fear this application has been tampered with itself , and I was hoping I could get some expertise on the issue.


I look forward to having any response to this, as I do enjoy the security, and would hate to resort to leaving it, for the fear of the application itself being tampered with itself.

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Hi Harlan,


Thanks for getting back to me on this.


This is the overview screenshot:




This is after I Click “Resolve all”:



My windows version is: 



And this is what I can find on the “KIS”:



I hope this helps, but please let me know if there is anything else you need to help.


Thank again!

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