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Kaspersky Cloud and VirtualBox, too many license's problems


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Hello, I use the Cloud free version on some Virtual computers (Windows 10 and 8). I have too many problems with the license system to still use this service. Before, I used to have sometimes a license problem when something went wrong with one of my virtual computer and I imported a backup into VirtualBox, probably resulting in Kaspersky Cloud detecting this as a new machine.

Now, the problem occurs with almost each Windows update of my virtual computers and even the Windows 8 one, which never had any problem so I didn’t restore it with a backup had this license issue.

Today, on one of my virtual computers, I installed Kaspersky Cloud, license worked. I then just tried to log out and as I tried to log in again, I got an error that my key got blacklisted. Why would my key get blacklisted just to log out and log in ?

I had to go again trough the process of uninstalling Kaspersky Cloud and installing it again for it to work.

My question is, shall I consider that Kaspersky Cloud is simply not compatible with VirtualBox cause too many license errors will occur, forcing me each time to uninstall and reinstall Kaspersky Cloud on my virtual computers ?

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