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Issues updating license

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I have Kaspersky Cloud Free installed on my two personal computers: one laptop, and one desktop. The laptop is only used from time to time, and when I turn it on it usually updates the antivirus and Windows updates, etc. without issues.

But today I turned the laptop and noticed a red notification in Kaspersky regarding my license. It was necessary to manually update the details so I tried to login again.

First error, it wasn't able to connect to Kaspersky servers, altough the computer has access to the internet.

I tried logging in with my Google account with the same email I was using to directly login to Kaspersky. It logged in, but then it gave me another error: can't connect because my local time was incorrect. This is absurd. My laptop timezone is right and the date and time are both correct. Even so, I went to Windows date options do double check the time sync was on and updated it. Tried to login again in Kaspersky, but no change.


What can I do now? Well, except uninstall the antivirus and install it again?


Thank you


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