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is security cloud better then total security and internet security?

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Hello  @Xdjuustuburger,


That's a very generic, subjective question, different people have different requirements.

KTS & KSCloud are Kaspersky's top software in the Home product range, in that respect & (imo), they’re both better than KIS, however, Kaspersky’s AV product, when installed on MAC & Android operating systems, is KIS, a Kaspersky Customer may purchase a KTS & or KSCloud *License*, but the AV software installed, on both MAC & Android, is KIS…. 

Also, KSCloud Personal, does not offer Kaspersky Safe Kids (“must be” single people don’t have kids🤐🤔 ), if KSK is required, it’s necessary to use/buy the KSCloud Family License. 

I always recommend: install the Premium Trial product, test it, make an informed decision.

Thank you🙏

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