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Hello! I am using Kaspersky Security Cloud (free) on Windows 10 Pro 21H1. The language on the app is in Norwegian. My laptop has been in Swedish for a while, but it's not anymore. All my language and region settings are correct (Finland). I can change the language to English in the app by clicking shit + F12, but its only temporare and I can't find any language settings in the app. I would prefer video/picture answers, so I will know exactly where to click. I have searched for many tutorials, none of them worked, even the one on kaspersky help website didn't help. Thanks! ?

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How do I install your antivirus in English while living in a foreign country?

Frankly, the question should sound very strange because the issue should be much simpler than requiring a question. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that every time I click the "Download" button, I'm prompted to download a startup.exe executable file, which, if I execute, will consistently try to install the product in the local language that I didn't know.

In fact, I already did this excruciatingly with the help of screenshots and Yandex's translation of image text feature, thinking that after installing the product, I can go to the settings and change the interface language to English, as I can in 99% of the applications I've ever used. However, after searching for a solution to this problem and finding this page on Google as the top result, I uninstalled Kaspersky and tried to reinstall again, only to find out that I have no known, obvious way of installing the product in English.

Ah, after writing all the above, an idea came to me: Maybe this is happening as punishment for my trying to download the program from my.kaspersky.com while logged in. So, I went to Google and searched for "Kaspersky download," and voila, I was able to find the "Global" download option, which seems to attempt to install in English after a restart. So, next time, I have to remember to download Kaspersky from Google ... kind of, instead of from my.kaspersky.com, at least until Kaspersky decision-makers do the right things.

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