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Installing Endpoint Security Cloud on iPhone

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Hi we have Kaspersky Security Cloud Plus with 50 licences and the cloud portal says I am licenced to install the software on up to 100 mobile devices as well as PC's.  We use Windows laptops and Apple iPhones and I would like to install it on the iPhones as well, mainly so I can say to audiors we have endpoint security on the iPhones.

The problem is I am going around it circles trying to get it installed on my test iPhone, I try emailing myself an QR code to downlaod and install the software I get the attached error.   When I look in the distribution packages section of the Kaspersky Cloud there is no option to create packages for iOS.  I also tried installing Kaspersky's Security App from the App Store but there didnt seem to be a way to add that to our Kaspersky Cloud Portal account so the phones can be managed and show in devices along with the laptops.

kaspersky error.jpg

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