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I can't use my headphones. I don't think that the thing is broken. Did Kaspersky blocked the ability to use the thing and if it did, how to solve it


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So I can’t use my headphones anymore. I plugged it in and the thing wont work. It happened since I download kraspersky. The application seems very trust-worthy but this problem is weird. Do you have any idea how to resolve the problem? Does it have anything to do with trusted application?

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Hello @Bacillus


  1. Which Kaspersky software name & version is installed → please Read before you create a new topic! for reference? 
  2. Which device OS & build
  3. Check Kaspersky Reports, are there any events related to the headphones or sound?
  4. Check Windows Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sound?
  5. Check Windows → Manage sound devices?
  6. Run Windows Audio troubleshooter
  7. Check Windows Device manager, look for any  alerts marked with⚠? 
  8. Do the headphones work if plugged into another device, a mobile phone for example? 
  9. Since installing Kaspersky, has the computer been shutdown, using Shutdown, not Restart, then powered on & logged in, make sure Kaspersky software is running, check headphones?  

Please let us know? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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