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How To Create A Policy To Disable CMD & PowerShell ?

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Hell @Ali A. Al-Gamal

Hello! It seems like you want to create a policy in Kaspersky Security Center version 14 to disable Command Prompt (CMD) and PowerShell on the managed computers. Kaspersky Security Center is a management console for Kaspersky security software. To achieve your goal, you can follow these general steps:

1. **Open Kaspersky Security Center:**
   Log in to your Kaspersky Security Center console with administrative privileges.

2. **Create a New Policy:**
   Navigate to the "Policies" section and create a new policy or modify an existing one.

3. **Configure Application Control:**
   Application Control is a feature that allows you to manage which applications are allowed to run on managed computers. To disable CMD and PowerShell, follow these steps:

   a. In the policy settings, navigate to the "Application Control" section.

   b. Look for options related to executable control or application management.

   c. Add rules to block the execution of `cmd.exe` (Command Prompt) and `powershell.exe` (PowerShell) on managed computers. You'll need to provide the full path to these executables.

4. **Apply the Policy:**
   Once you've configured the policy to disable CMD and PowerShell, apply the policy to the relevant group of managed computers.

5. **Deploy the Policy:**
   The policy changes will need to be deployed to the managed computers. Depending on your Kaspersky Security Center configuration, this might happen automatically or require manual synchronization.

Please note that the steps provided are based on general principles and may vary slightly based on the specific interface and options available in Kaspersky Security Center version 14. Always refer to the official documentation or consult with your IT team for accurate instructions tailored to your setup.

Remember that disabling CMD and PowerShell can impact the functionality of your systems and applications. It's important to thoroughly test this policy in a controlled environment before applying it to production systems. Additionally, ensure you have a reliable backup and recovery plan in place in case any issues arise.

Thank you

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