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How to cancel auto renewal for Digital River (DRI) subscriptions - tested and works

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After subscribing since 2018, and for the last couple of years just sucking up the auto-renewal, I was determined this year to put it to an end, and I have finally succeeded!

I hope this information helps anyone else who is struggling to get rid of this payment.   Please note this may only work if your payment is collected by Digital River... check your bank for last year's payment and if it is marked 'DR' or 'DRI' in the payment reference, this should hopefully work for you.    

When you get the renewal email reminder which provides an order number and password, click on the link for amending your payment details.  

You'll be taken to a page with your billing address and payment info.  Underneath the 'reset' and 'Submit' buttons, there's a link for 'Back to main help page' - click it.  

This will take you to a FAQ page - select the cancel auto renewal heading.   Now you'll be taken to another page where you need to re-input the Order Number and the Password from the email they sent.  

Once in there, click the cancel button (not manage subscriptions) and this will allow you to cancel the auto renewal.   

Seriously, the most ridiculous process ever, but it worked for me (after 2 years of unwanted renewals!).  I've added screen shots to this in the hope I can help others who are struggling, and like me have ended up just letting the money go out each year.   Good luck all.   

Screenshot_20240320_201409_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240320_201429_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240320_201445_Samsung Internet.jpg

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