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Google Chrome is using the webcam. KIS 2020(d) [Closed]

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Hello, when I use Google Chrome any version, KIS when I browse on some site tells me that sometimes Chrome is trying to use the webcam. This thing happens even though Chrome is set to prevent the use of webcams and microphones on any website. It happens more frequently on Google family sites such as Youtube but also on others at random. It bothers me a little and I would like to know if this behavior is to be categorized as something suspicious or is it a bug or something else. Thanks.
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Hello fabiodanzetta, Welcome! A topic by Jmcd Pop up message that Google was accessing my Web Cam. What can I do to prevent Google from doing this, may help. If the issue continues, please let me know? Thank you:pray_tone3: Kaspersky Internet Security - Webcam Protection
Hi Flood, I read the topic you indicated to me. I wanted to answer you here but I was wrong and I answered you there. Have you had any news from the laboratories? Thanks again and sorry for my mistake.
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Hello fabiodanzetta, Not a problem, it's not a mistake, please do not worry.
  1. The Lab needs (more) data, so even tho it's not good the issue is happening (to you), as the issue is happening (to you) now, it would be very helpful if you'd do the following please:
  1. Enable Traces - make sure the computer is rebooted using FULL Shutdown, not Restart, login, make sure KIS is active, replicate "Google Chrome using webcam" issue, turn traces OFF, save data as .zip
  2. Collect GSI & Windows Logs - save data as .zip
  3. Collect images of "Google Chrome using webcam" notifications.
  4. Contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, create an INC# (see my image), upload the collected data, images and history and ask the team to advise please?
Please let us know what they say? Thank you:pray_tone3: Note, Traces can create ++Large++ files, try to only run the traces for as long as necessary to capture the Webcam notification.
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