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"Error while scanning the encrypted connection with" for every website!


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2 hours ago, Helman63 said:

What is going on? All was good until Kaspersky updated this morning.

Hello @Helman63

Welcome back!

READ: Messages "Certificate verification problem detected" and "Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established" when trying to open a website

*And* has the advice from @Anton Mefodys been followed: 

  • If the issue occurs in all browsers: (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) with default Kaspersky settings, then it means that something is wrong with cert storage in the OS = most probably some certs in the OS certs storage are *missing*, or it may be that *access* is somewhere *denied* to OS certs storage. 
  1. You may try to install *all* updates to your OS and retest the issue
  2. If the issue persists: as a workaround in: Kaspersky Network settings, install Kaspersky cert to Firefox cert storage - READ: How to add the Kaspersky root certificate to the Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird certificate storage and *enable* the option to Use Mozilla certificate store - READ: Use the selected certificate store to scan encrypted connections in Mozilla applications:                                           image.thumb.png.3592a89a1755329c1c87dd340416e5b5.png

Thank you🙏

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