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Error 1306 [Closed]

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I had an issue to launch KIS 2019. It keeps "Loading the application" like foreeever. And i tried to uninstall the KIS 2019, and got a message Error 1306. Due to this matter, i'm planning to a downgrade my KIS 2019 to KIS 2017 that is more stable. My question is :
  1. How to uninstall KIS 2019 due to this error 1306?
  2. How to keep my license and save it for my next KIS 2017?
Thank you
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In addition to what FLOOD has said, it's always best to have the latest version to benefit from improvements/upgrades. As you've had issues with 2019, you may wish to consider downgrading to 2018 which I have found to be stable. However, the choice is yours. You could try 2018 and if not happy, then go back to 2017.
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