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email form that I cannot block

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I am receiving a great number of emails that I cannot block / or automatically transfer to junk. The format is 

 "to (random number) *****@AOL.com and copy to (my email address.) "

They claim to come from many different companies regarding their products.

It says Download pictures, which I do not and it has just one word in the centre and that is my email name. 

It is clear to me that it could contain a virus or something similar but I just can`t blacklist it. 



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I just wrote to Berny but you are the correct person. I have, by accident, included my email in this post. Can you please delete my email address or the entire post. 

I have Kaspersky Internet Security. 



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You can try to add this:




So, all messages that meet that rule, a tag of [!! SPAM] will be added to their subjects, this way, You can create a filter rules with the tags [!! SPAM] and another with [?? Probable Spam], to redirect those spam messages to the Spam folder.

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