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edge using webcam without being shown active in the taskbar - everything ok with that?

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i would like to ask if everything is ok, with having the case of the following shown with screenshots without personal data;

showing Microsoft Edge using the webcam but not being active in the taskbar
checking the task-manager afterwards, with having the Store in but no Edge

sometimes the notebook-system reacts slowly, and the latest security updates had been made just before facing this issue. it has been clicked on the Start Screen somewhere to find out where the shown photo comes from. this usually opens the Edge.

any helpful information would be highly appreciated.

Is this something to worry about, or should be some further action be taken?
If all the scans made showing everything is ok?

thanks a lot in advance!

kind regards



#win10 #webcam #edge

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Hello @7AIR,


Kaspersky documented advice: 

This is what Kaspersky experts have previously said about this specific issue:

  • A notification is no longer generated when the webcam is accessed by system processes for a duration not exceeding 3 seconds."

Based on that advice, any system process running for 3+ seconds, may generate the alert, in which case, the Kaspersky Technical Team are saying it’s “by design”🤔

  1. Which KIS patch(x) is installed? 
  2. If the Microsoft Store process, as seen in (your) Task manager image, is not running, do the Webcam alerts persist? 
  • If “yes”, log a request with Kaspersky Technical Support, ​​​​on the contacts page, select your Location, select Application use, select from available options: ONLINE CHAT (not available all locations) PHONE (not available all locations), SUBMIT A REQUEST - via your MyKaspersky account; include images, a detailed history → include all steps taken to troubleshoot & resolve; Support may request a GSI & Windows Logs, they may also request KIS traces run as the issue is replicated, they will step you thru the collection of these if required. 
  • After submitting the case, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12digits reference number, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Technical Support human will communicate with you, also by email, you may continue to engage with the Kaspersky Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account.

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it’s available? 

  • Regarding “Is this something to worry about, if all the scans made showing everything is ok?”, (ioo) it’s best to ask for a conclusive answer from Kaspersky Technical experts. 

Thank you🙏

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thank you for taking the time to answer and very much thx for the written text! ?


  1. Which KIS patch(x) is installed?


The KIS is updated regularly and so i think there should be all the latest updates running on the system, which means that the Patch L is installed how i see that. ?


  1. If the Microsoft Store process, as seen in (your) Task manager image, is not running, do the Webcam alerts persist?


I've just made the same situation again, with trying to record everything going on on the screen with a gopro cam. ?
Oh, your question shall be first ? — this time after having seen the message of edge using the webcam ? and having started the task-manager afterwards there was no Store shown to be run actually in the list.


Screenshot (showing taskmanager afterwards) | no Store running


When having checked out the recording of the action-cam i couldn't find a saved record for what i've meant to have had recorded just a few seconds ago. ? Instead i've found a - for this case - practically unusable recording showing basically my face looking dump ? thinking of what's going on here. ?

maybe i should focus more on something like; there's a reason to smile everytime…
(read more in the bible, holy texts in general, or study more what Jesus have taught) ?‍?


It seems like i've deleted the significant recording and made a new one with clicking the cam. ?

However i'll follow that what have been suggested here, and will consult the support team. ?


Hope you're ok with that time delay to have answered. Now it's Sunday; and i'll go for it asap – and will let you have updates ⏳

Big Thanks again! ?

by the way there have been the second time if i’m not in error a message after having logged in into this site community.kasersky.com saying something like; “the session of authentification has expired”, but it disappeared after a short moment. I don’t know what’s the meaning of this is. The logins are looking to be ok else. i’ll let you have a part of a screenshot therefore as well, but it’s displayed in german language... ?


short time message after having entered the two-factor-key ?


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  • Solution

Hello @7AIR,

You’re most welcome☺ !

Thank you for posting back, the additional information & the images👌

There’s absolutely no problem with your response time, we’re available to help whenever you’re ready. 

  • 1 To find Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) version & patch, 3 different methods, all work, choose whichever method suits you🙂
  1. Open KIS, select 🎧 = Support, Support page shows: Operating system, KIS version & patch, Database release date & *License key* → *not needed*  
  2. On Windows Taskbar, rightclick KIS icon, select About, About window displays KIS version & patch & KIS software release year. 
  3. On Windows Taskbar, hover mouse over KIS icon, small popup shows KIS version & patch & Database release date. 
  • 2 In the image (in your last reply), we cannot see the Webcam alert, we can see that Edge is active, in which case the alert would be expected. 
  • 3 We use Screencast-O-Matic for screen recordings.
  • 4 Do the Webcam alerts persist with KIS 2021? 
  • 5 Regarding “Anmelden, Ihre Authentifizerungssitzung is abgelaufen. Bestatigen  Abbrechen “,  does it happen irrespective of supported browser: Firefox, Edge Chromium, Chrome, IE ? 
  • 6 A screen recording will certainly assist the Kaspersky Technical Support team assist you troubleshoot the issue. 

Thank you🙏

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hi again,

in the meantime there has been an answer from the support in the email inbox, mentioning that there is no reason to worry about the issue Microsoft Edge is using the webcam like it has been described. And that there are no more steps needed to be done because of this. ?

there hasn't been an entry for that specific topic on this board and i hope it could be nice if this posting would help someone in future to get the idea of no reason to worry extraordinary because of that.


today by the way there has been noticed on another notebook-system when it just seemed to work for a relatively longer time too good, that the windows taskbar is showing two icons for the secure connection.

part of a screenshot for the doubled icon


when doing mouse over these icons with having no idea of if this really has been the right choice afterwards one of them left it's visibility.


and when having further checking for the version there has been noticed that the quickinfo for the kis shows a letter; k and l, on different systems. It looks like to me, that could be the thing that has been mentioned when being asked for the installed version.

quickinfo of the kis icon in the taskbar of one notebook-system
quickinfo of the kis icon in the taskbar of another notebook-system


should i have take care of having the l on each system? and does it mean k is not actual - even if the kis says everything is ok?


the issue can be seen as closed now. but if there is anything to say about the other questions it would be highly welcomed!

kind regards

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now it could be seen for a very short period of time that Google Chrome is using the webcam.

It looks like it’s the same as it has been with Microsoft Edge…

that this alone shall not be a reason to fall in unrest :-)


if someone is having concerns about this on the system, i would be grateful to receive a short message in order to handle that case the right way.


thank you for your attention.


part of a screenshot


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According to my information such behaviour can happen on clean OS and can be related to enumerating audio\video devices.

Why this happens it is better to clarify in Chrome\Edge tech support. Product is just detecting access to audio\video devices and shows the notification.



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Hello @7AIR,

Sorry😥 for the delay replying, we’ve been doing some research on old Kaspersky cases for this issue. 

  • If you wish to get rid of the alerts, when the popup happens, “catch” the alert, select the v drop-down arrow, there should be options available



  • According to everything Kaspersky has communicated to us, if a browser is running, even if no action, sites, searches etc., have been initiated in the supported browser, the alerts are normal, by design, however, if the alerts pop when no browsers are running, this is not normal, nor is it by design. 

In your first post, it appeared as tho the webcam popup happened when no browsers were active = not normal (according to Kaspersky). 

In your second reply, a browser was active when the webcam alert popped = normal (according to Kaspersky). 

  • Also, the support response was confusing, did they understand the issue? 

  • Regarding the patch discrepancy, it would have been good if this was a separate  topic, however, to address it here, patches may be staggered in distribution, having said that, it’s not unreasonable to think that 2 computers, living in the same house, would receive the same patch, in the same time-frame, not necessarily so; just make sure you shutdown & restart the computers on a regular basis, at least every 48hrs, after restarting, make sure KIS is active, run a manual Database update → if any “silent” patches are waiting, they should be applied🤔

KIS Patch L was released on August 3, 2020.

Thank you🙏

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