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Device status: Participation in KSN disabled

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We're using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus and it's working fine on our Windows Machines, but on the MacBooks the Device Status keeps stating Participation in KSN disabled

I have enabled KSN for Macbooks, and on one of the MacBooks it doesn't give the warning all the time. I can't find anything on the client side to turn KSN on. 

Sometimes they also get a warning for Network content filtering disabled.

The MacBooks are all running on Monterey.



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I have the same issue on my MacBook Air, Monterey 12.6.3.

I have installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security using the link provided from our Cloud Workspace, no issues with licensing except the warning from Cloud Console and the fact that I cannot enable KSN on the device.

I've clicked 'Show KSN Statement' and gone through all information, but nothing changed.

Printscreens bellow:



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