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"Dating adds" while surfing


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Use adware cleaner you probably have adware installed in your pc. Sometimes even kac wont detect it. 

Remove chrome from your pc and install again. 

Also use ublock origin thats the best adblocker on internet atm.

Pisao bi na hrv ali nije dopusteno na forumu.

HRV ;-)

I did try with adware cleaner, it deleted 2 files but didnt help :-(

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Please see  Kaspersky reports  below :

  • → Kaspersky Online File Reputation : Slack.exe → Safe and trusted
  • → Kaspersky Open Tip : Slack.exe → Clean

You may however have a  “Slack.exe” file with another MD5 hash,
please upload “Slack.exe” on https://opentip.kaspersky.com and ask for reanalyze ?
Did you download the application from location "https://slack.com" ?

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@picajol Here is another suggestion ?

Right mouse click  the properties of your browser shortcuts on your desktop:

→ The shortcut  to 'Google Chrome' should point to 'chrome.exe'.
→ The shortcut  to 'Internet Explorer' should point to 'iexplore.exe'.
→  The shortcut to 'Firefox' should point to 'firefox.exe'.

In case an argument has been added behind "chrome.exe" it will be necessary to remove this unwanted addition.

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One thing that I noticed just now.

I opened my second laptop that was off (inactive) for last 3 weeks.

I opened Chrome, and started browsing….Same things happens...dating adds, casino tabs….

This laptop was closed for 2 weeks !!!!

How is this possible?!

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