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Connection failed to server

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Hi Support Team,

I installed the Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud to users and when the installation finishes the product doesn´t update at Kaspersky Hub and the device not listed in devices list even if write the licenses manually.

And this error appears: "1259 transport level error connection terminated kaspersky" when i try to send heartbeat.

Best Regards,

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This error occurred in past versions, and the solution was to access the distribution package and determine the proxy in it again (whether it has one or not), apply the change and download the package again.

This way it should work, otherwise I recommend you open a ticket in Kaspersky Company Account.


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Hy budy.

Please check in your Network Agent Policy, on the "Connectivity" session if the checkbox "Use UDP port it is enabled.

Another option that you should check is if there are distribution points assigned automatically in the server properties. If yes, check again in the Network Agent policy  on "Connectivity" session if the checkbox "Use connection gateways on distribution point (if available) under default connection settings" it is enabled.


I hope this helps


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Hello Ftech,
there is no Network Agent Policy available for Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud product. Distribution Point will not be used in this product.

Hello GalleryScapes,
as already mentioned by Gast #37 check if you are really using a Proxy. If not but it is one given in the Installation Package then recreate the package as described below:

1. goto your workspace and Distribution Packages

2. Change the language by using the 3 points icon right to the Download Button. Just select one from the list like German

3. Confirm the Terms and if necessary configure a proxy. Do this only if you know you use a Proxy 

4. Wait until the new package is created (it will take a few seconds til the process starts)

5. Ok, if the new package is done repeat the steps 2. to 4. and select your desired language

6. The new package in your language is created and you can download it for a new installation on your device.

Thank you in advance
Best Regards

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