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Can’t launch Kaspersky

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I left my computer alone for two weeks, When I returned my Kaspersky icons had disappeared from my desktop. Kaspersky still appears to be running but I cannot launch it from the apps list and get the same annoying dialogue as the original poster.

Kaspersky also cannot open the secure browser to my Bank or other financial sites.


I have tried downloading Microsoft.net framework and reinstalling it but this achieves nothing either.


Is this some monkey business from Microsoft?



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This issue took quite a long time to resolve but kudos to Kaspersk's "help" gurus who kept trying.

They could not fix it but after they had worked on the computer remotely I ran updates of everything, which included a new update from Microsoft. For some reason this worked and Kaspersky came back online working as before.  

The conclusion was that something in the Microsoft updates had clashed with Kaspersky.

I was certainly impressed by the help I received from kaspersky in this matter and would recommend this software to anyone.

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