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AV Limitations on latest Win11 Update

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Hi! ?
As mentioned in the title, I got a real late-at-night Windows 11 update last night, and I usually do them on the spot.
After a system reboot, I got an error which mentioned something along the lines of "Kaspersky limitations on this current version of Windows" .
I don't have a screenshot sadly, but I was redirected to this page https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/kav21/limitations/15513 .
I didn't get the warning again after another system reboot, due to other Core Isolation problems possibly linked to the new Win11 update, which I did solve in the end.
But I wanted to make sure anyway that things are fixed for Kaspersky AV as well, since I don't know if they are yet, or if there's a way to check, or at least that the issue is known and being worked on for the next update.

My OS version is 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1635)
The Kaspersky app I'm using is Kaspersky Free and the version number is

Thanks in advance for the help! ?

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