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  1. For example, if I use another VPN, Kaspersky antivirus monitors the websites I visit, so I wonder if it is worth paying for anoter VPN if I use Kaspersky antivirus? I don't know if it's worth paying for a VPN other than Kaspersky and if it would be better to just pay for Kaspersky Plus and save money. Is it true that Kaspersky antivirus can monitor sites on the Internet even if I use a VPN other than Kaspersky? Thank you for your answers.
  2. In Kaspersky Premium there is an option for use hardware virtualization if available. I was wondering what exactly this feature does, the only public info I can find about it is that it helps protect your input when using Kaspersky safe browser, but is it worth it to disable Hyper-V and the Memory Integrity features in favor of Kaspersky hardware virtualization? Does it also provide some additional protection that makes it more viable than these options? I also use some Hyper-V specific features such as WSL2, but I can live without these if hardware virtualization is better.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm on Windows 11 Pro (x64) build 22621.3810 (22H2) and using Chrome 126.0.6478.127 (Official Build) (64-bit). I've installed the latest version of Kaspersky Password Manager ( / 1719855722_7604 / and I have KPM's extension working properly on my Chrome. But when I log-in to my other Google's account and create a new profile on Chrome, it opens another Chrome browser windows without KMP's extension (and some other extensions as well). I've managed to install other extensions from Chrome Store, but I can't find KPM there. I went to KPM's Settings > Browsers and it says KPM's extension is installed on Google Chrome (apparently on the first profile). Please tell me how can I installed KPM's extension for my second profile on Google Chrome? Thank you!
  4. Здравствуйте! Я немного чайник в плане всего, что касается защиты компьютера, нужна помощь. Kaspersky Free( на Windows 11 x64 после установки вообще не хочет выполнять быструю или полную проверку, виснет на 1%(0 файлов), как это можно исправить?
  5. Databases are out of date. I tried update databases manually 6.7.2024 10.04. Latest database update is from 4.7.2024 22.39. Latest beta premium subscription is active. PC's time is correct.
  6. Добрый вечер. Имеется действующая лицензия на продукт "Kaspersky Internet Security". Хотел бы перейти на "Kaspersky Premium". Возможно ли эту процедуру провести с действующей лицензией или необходимо покупать отдельно "Kaspersky Premium" ?
  7. I am trying to use KAV Remover on Kaspersky 21.17, it is not an option and the product is not being auto detected and there is no way to uninstall. Please Help.
  8. Just tried to load total security on a new Surface Pro 11. Has the ARM processor, will not load as incompatible, Any timeline on fixing this issue?
  9. I have kaspersky premium edition installed in my pc (windows 11 pro), I tried to install kaspersky protection extension in brave browser but it doesn't work, is there any solution because brave is my default browser.
  10. Добрый день. Проблема одинаковая на PC Windows && Android планшете Kaspersky Safe Kids, ребенок запускает видео со звуком на youtobe в google chrome и после отключения по времени звук продолжает идти с компьютера/ планшета. Можно ли как-то донастроить программу что бы при блокировке звук из запущенных программ не шел? например, выходить из учетной записи, закрывать приложения, или блокировать вывод звука?
  11. Коллеги приветствую! Пытаюсь запустить задачу на поиск IOC, но все статусы "сбой", а в описании сказанно "Задача выключена". Задача настраивалась на web версии KSC. Подскажите, пожалуйста, где включить, собственно, этот тип задачи.
  12. Starting today I had problems with the program "FanControl" not reading CPU temperature after a few seconds and the RGB Control of my RAM through GigabyteControlCenter not working correctly anymore. Both problems are fixed by uninstalling Kaspersky Plus. Adding those programs to exceptions in Kaspersky doesnt work. Whatever got updated yesterday or this morning by Kaspersky caused those issues, since it was working fine before. I guess it has something to do with Kaspersky blocking access to hardware sensors and/or the SPD Hub of RAM. I got the hint from FanControl's issues tracker on github (https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases/issues/2571), where another person had the same problem and fixed it by uninstalling Kaspersky. I hope this bug can be fixed asap or at least a workaround with exceptions for certain programs is made available.
  13. Hello, yesterday I was trying to use the local goverment web services wich need to identify myself using a certificate. When I used the service a password popup apear and asked my Password as usual. The know password was incorrect, them I realiced that the icon in the task bask was the green "K" icon of Kav. there was no way to unlock the windows certificate depot with my password with KAV runing. after disabling Kav the process run as usually. Data: Windows 11 latest update tested on Edge and firefox 127.0 Kav free I don't know anything anout this way of work with the app so any help about how to use the certificates inside the browser with kav will be welcome. Ty in advance
  14. Hi, I'm having trouble with my TradingView Desktop App recently. It seems to be blocked by Kaspersky Total Security. When I disable Kaspersky, TradingView works perfectly fine. I tried adding TradingView to Kaspersky's exclusions list, but I was unable to do so because the app is located in the WindowsApps folder, which is a hidden and secure system directory. This issue just started recently, and I'm unsure how to proceed. Disabling Kaspersky every time I want to use TradingView isn't an ideal solution. Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this conflict between the two programs? Thanks,
  15. 系统:Windows 11 专业版 21H2 22000.2538 卡巴斯基加强版: 从卡巴斯基内安装密码管理器,后期频繁出错。今天安装后明天开机就报未知错误,且警告弹窗会间隔多次弹出,重装无效。
  16. Boa Noite Hoje as 22;43. o meu antivírus identificou um adware no meu notebook e começou um processo para resolver o problema que creio ser removê - lo. Já são 00;54 e até agora o antivírus não concluiu o processo com a pagina em looping. Inclusive, usei eliminadores de adware que não detectaram mais nada. já reiniciei o meu notebook e nada. O que está havendo? Será algum problema grave? Gostaria por gentileza de um suporte de vocês, pois estou aflito Yuri
  17. Senza VPN PING 14ms download 945,12 Mbps upload 95,01 Mbps Con VPN 296 43 Perchè? Io la tolgo
  18. Hi, I can deploy the Ms store apps (new) to the clients via Intune only when I disabled the Kaspersky. For the Win 32 apps there is no issue. I added the necessary links of microsoft to the trusted adres list in security center but it does not help. Plese see the list below. login.microsoftonline.com portal.manage.microsoft.com m.manage.microsoft.com sts.manage.microsoft.com Manage.microsoft.com i.manage.microsoft.com r.manage.microsoft.com a.manage.microsoft.com p.manage.microsoft.com Can you please give me a guidance? Regards Yasin
  19. Hi Team, I'm reaching out because I'm encountering an issue with a virtualization error prompt. It keeps reminding me to activate the virtualization service. I've already checked my BIOS settings and CPU specifications, and both indicate that virtualization is enabled. However, the secure data input panel seems to have a conflicting message. Could you please advise on resolving this discrepancy and ensuring virtualization is fully activated? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  20. Kaspersky is always banning Binance official mock trading website:https://testnet.binancefuture.com/ Please fix this bug. Google-Chrome
  21. Idioma Español: Hola, no puedo iniciar sesión en mi cuenta kaspersky. Me sale un mensaje que cuando quiero iniciar sesión dice: demasiada solicitudes. Adjunto captura de pantalla. English: Hi, I can't log in to my Kaspersky account. I get a message when I try to log in that says: Too many requests. Attached is a screenshot.
  22. The version of my system is 26100.712 The software version is The frame rate on other interfaces is normal, and my screen frame rate is 240Hz.
  23. Tenho 3 dispositivos, na residência, no escritório e no celular. Cada dispositivo se conecta na mesma assinatura Kaspersky Premium mas as senhas salvas em um dos dispositivos não aparecem nos outros. Ex. Se salvo uma senha no celular essa mesma senha não é sincronizada no dispositivo da residencia e do escritório. Como faço para ter a sincronização entre eles?
  24. Version of your operating system: Windows 11, version 23H2 Name and version number of the Kaspersky application: Kaspersky Plus, Details the nature of problem: Hello! When I turned on the PC an hour ago, I've got a message that the program is containing an error (error status 0xc000012f). I can't unistal the program as some component and the folder containing it is missing and I can't instal the program again without reinstalling either. I can't open My Kaspersky either (thankfully I've got the KAspersky version from the Application list in Settings.) Also my usb mouse suddenly stopped working though it's fully charged and I tried different usb ports. I don't know if it could be connected to the antivirus stopping working. The Windows security system is on, but it had never interfered with the work of Kaspersky Plus before. screenshots of the problem and detailed description: 1) If I turn on the PC or try to instal Kaspersy Plus anew without unistalling it first, I get this message: 2) If I try to unistal the Kaspersky Plus to reinstal it, I get this pop up window. It's said there that the Feature I want to use is on my network resources which are not available now. It's also said that I shall click on "OK" to repeat the process or I shall give another path to the folder which contains "product.msi" file. I tried to reach the AVP21.16 folder, but it just doesn't exist. The Kaspersky program doesn't even have an icon now. 3) Last connection time was on 21.05.2025 at 14:34. After this I haven't turned on the PC until an hour ago. 4) The error window I get when I try to instal Kasperky anew. I would be very grateful for your help! Kindest Regards Julia
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