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  1. Hello, Before I did a whole reset of my modem and my computer, I had my Mac and iPhone both connected to the modem. At that time, the smart home monitor was finding only the device it was searching from and the modem. For example, using my computer, it was finding only my computer and the modem. After I did a reset for both the modem and the computer, it is not finding anything even though I refreshed it and it acknowledges my network. I have pretty much all the security setting setup on both my modem and the computer. And I'm wondering could anyone of these be the reason? My question is: What could be the reasons of Smart Home Monitor not finding and listing the devices? Can I please get a list of possible reasons, and hopefully solutions ?
  2. I see a long list of connected devices. Several are named "unknown device". Screenshot attached. There is no option in Kaspersky to delete or disconnect the devices that I don't recognize, unless I am missing something. What to do? TIA
  3. Hallo, wie kann man im Smart Home Monitor de Gerätetyp des Hauptrouters nachträglich ändern? Bei allen anderen Geräten im Netzwerk existiert die Schaltfläche "Typ ändern", beim Hauptrouter nicht. Gibt es eine Mglichkeit das nachträglich zu ändern? Grüße
  4. Smart Home Monitor prompts me to connect to Wi-Fi or ethernet, despite the fact that I am completely able to connect to the internet. "Wi-Fi Analyzer" does not show any kind of activity.
  5. Hello @HeatherG, Welcome! @Nil has not responded to the reply by Moderator @harlan4096. Reference documentation: Kaspersky for Mac, Smart Home Monitor, Kaspersky for Mac, View and update the list of home network devices. IF (your) Kaspersky Smart Home Monitor is not functioning on (your) Mac, even tho (you've) taken recovery steps of factory resetting the router & re-installing the Kaspersky software, please log a request with Kaspersky Customer Service, https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts - on the support page, select either Chat or Email, then fill in the template as shown in the image below; please include images of the error & a *detailed history*. Support may request logs, traces & other data; they will guide you: Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  6. New to the Plus version and looking into the Smart Home Monitor tool. What I miss is adding device types other than the defaults. Is there any way to add like these: Network Switch or WLAN (not a router) VoIP Phone (not mobile but like DECT) I also wonder what type a Raspberry Pi (Computer?) or Amazon Echo Dot would be, as these are now also have the "Unknown device" type status.
  7. Hello @DCNative1, Welcome! Management of devices needs to be done from (your) router. Read & follow: How to deny network access for a device. When access is denied the Smart Home Monitor will no longer show the Unknown device/s, however, the Unknown device in the image also has General Electric Consumer an.. - are there any *smart* devices in the home that the Router may be detecting & the Smart Home Monitor reporting - a refrigerator, speakers, TV, something else? Is there a home *network*? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  8. Olá! Meu kaspersky está me dando um aviso no Smart Home Monitor, "Há uma porta aberta no roteador do TL-WR849N, porta aberta 22 (SSH)". O próprio kaspersky avisa que essa porta é perigosa de se estar aberta, e por pesquisas eu também cheguei a essa conclusão. Acessei o roteador e entrei em contato com o meu provedor e verificamos que esta porta está fechada no servidor deles, mas o aviso de que ela está aberta ainda persiste no meu kaspersky. Receio que essa abertura possa ter sido realizada por alguma invasão. Creio eu que se o kaspersky consegue identificar essa porta aberta algo não está certo em minha segurança. Existe alguma outra forma de se verificar essa porta em todas as frentes para que eu tenha a garantia de que meu sistema e computador estão seguros??
  9. Hello @Phoenix, Welcome back! Please - Read before you create a new topic! by Danila T. Log a request with Kaspersky Customer Service, https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts - on the support page, select either Chat or Email, then fill in the template as shown in the image below; please include images of the error & a *detailed history*. Support may request logs, traces & other data; they will guide you: Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Resources: Smart Home Monitor
  10. Hallo alle zusammen, seit geraumer Zeit, meldet der Smart-Home-Monitor von Kaspersky auf dem Android Smartphone bereits eingetragene Geräte immer wieder als neu verbundenes Gerät. Woran liegt das und kann man das in der App unterbinden? Vielen Dank schon einmal im Voraus. VG. Tobey
  11. Buongiorno,scrivo anche qui nella speranza di una risposta corretta. Ho gia contattato l'assistenza ,la quale mi ha risposto in maniera errata ed dalla mia controrisposta, nella quale facevo notare la questione,ormai son passati alcuni giorni. Ho Kaspersky Premium con 5 licenze. Due sono su sistema operativo Windows 11 e Win 10 pro. La domanda e' ,come posso disattivare Monitor Smart Home su windows? Su android ho verificato e constatato di persona come fare,sui sistemi win non riesco a capire come. Grazie del Vostro tempo
  12. Hello @vdorta, Welcome! (ioo) - that's often true. Has the rarely used Laptop, that Kaspersky Plus Smart Home Monitor is detecting as "Kaspersky found an unknown device in the network" - been given a *proper* name in the Kaspersky Plus Smart Home Monitor? Does the rarely used Laptop, that Kaspersky Plus Smart Home Monitor - is detecting as "Kaspersky found an unknown device in the network" - have a *proper* name - in (your) MyKaspersky account? IF the answer to 2. is 'No' - *manually* - in Kaspersky Plus, Smart Home Monitor - rename the Latop from unknown to the name in (your) MyKaspersky account: How to change the device name. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Resource: About the Smart Home Monitor
  13. In what respect @tunathefish? Most people know not to use anything other than the *recommended* OS. Read: Smart Home Monitor resources. Read: Wi-Fi Analyzer resources. Also, there's many Smart Home Monitor topics in the Forums - you can refine the search according to your requirements: https://forum.kaspersky.com/search/?q=Smart Home Monitor&quick=1 Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  14. What are the features of password manager in Kaspersky plus, as it is confusing. In the comparison between Kaspersky plus and premium features in the website it says under password protection the exact same thing that you can store your data and documents, if so then what is the use of the identity protection wallet in the premium option, please advice as I don't know which version to buy because of the password protection and the smart home monitor vague explanation.
  15. @ContiOlá Por favor, veja esta página → Smart Home Monitor* Percebi que você está usando o Kaspersky Security Cloud (produto legado da Kaspersky), peço que atualize para o novo produto equivalente sendo o Kaspersky Plus (com Safe Kids e VPN ilimitada) → Link de download Caso você ainda tenha mais dúvidas sobre esse componente específico (Smart Home Monitor), por favor entre em contato com o suporte técnico → Suporte Técnico * O Smart Home Monitor é o mesmo componente que você possui no KSC (Dispositivos na minha rede) apenas o nome do componente que foi modificado.
  16. Hello @Matthijs, Welcome! Kaspersky Plus Smart Home protects (your) wireline Ethernet networks and Wi-Fi networks against unauthorized connections. *Read: Smart Home Monitor. The *available* Device types are: Are the Network Switch & Voip *known / defined* on / to the router? IF 'no' how is Smart Home expected to know about them? For Raspberry Pi & the Echo Dot - check the router configuration - how is each device defined, depending on the router (you) may be able to refine the configuration for each device so that the information Smart Home receives is specific. (ioo) the Raspberry Pi & Echo Dot could easily be defined from the available list, ditto for the N/W Switch - the Voip/DECT woud probably be difficult to define from the available list. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  17. Can someone please tell me how I can disable these annoying notifications that I get every single time I open my PC? it's getting ridiculous. And yes, I clicked "Disable notifications" but every time I boot up my machine again it resets. And if I click "Yes" it keeps notifying me about new devices connecting (which is frequent) and it gets annoying.
  18. Why when I am at work on a totally different network, Smart Home Monitor decides to connect hundreds of devices from my work network to my home network? I have raised this before. Clear bug. I have no time to debug it for Kaspersky. Please fix this. I now have to go in and manually delete hundreds of devices from my home network when I get home.
  19. Nutze die Internet Security auf 9 Geräten. Auf einem einzigen Gerät erscheint hartnäckig in Intervallen die Meldung zum Smart Home Monitor "ein neues Gerät hat sich eingeloggt", obwohl dies nicht der Fall ist. Folge ich der Meldung und gehe auf diesem Gerät in den SHM, ist dort alles so wie es sein soll. Alle anderen Geräte (Telefone, Tablets, Laptop) generieren diese Meldung nicht. Ich kann diese Meldung nicht abstellen, lediglich das Zeitintervall modifizieren. Weiß jemand Abhilfe?
  20. Hello, I do not understand English well, sorry for the mistakes I have some doubts about Smart Home Monitor: When using this tool, it shows me more devices connected to my wifi network than I actually have and gives me information on how to block access to these devices. But I have to do the work myself. Wouldn’t it be better if Kaspersky Smart Home Monitor took care of protecting my wifi network actively without me having to do the work? Is it possible to get Smart Home Monitor to do all the work autonomously and intelligently without me having to worry about it?" Thank you.
  21. Then it is one of Your local system, check if some apps installed on it, it's the cause You are getting that detection. As You don't have Kaspersky Plus with Smart Home Monitor module installed, you can download this free tool to check the devices connected to Your network: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_network_watcher.html
  22. Ich habe heute manuell die Version installiert, also über die vorherige "drüber gebügelt" Wie ich nun feststellen musste, waren dann die Smart Home Monitor Einträge alle verschwunden. Hatte vorher 16 Einträge drinnen. Nach dem Update, fand Kaspersky wieder 8 Geräte, die derzeit Online waren, aber natürlich waren meine geänderten Bezeichnungen auch nicht wieder vorhanden. Das kann doch nicht sein, dass diese Einträge gelöscht werden, macht ja sonst keinen Sinn, die Geräte umzubenennen, wenn die dann bei einem Update wieder gelöscht werden. Wären diese erhalten geblieben, wenn ich das Update über den Updater gemacht hätte? Gruß Kurt
  23. Smart home monitor keep on finding new devices on my home network . Even at 4g or 5g it keeps on finding
  24. Hallo Hab mal ne Frage zu diesem Monitor von Kaspersky Plus. An sich nicht schlecht das man sieht wer online ist. Aber nicht bei allen Geräten steht dabei, welches es genau ist. Wenn zum Beispiel nur dort steht, Android Mobiltelefon Earda Technologies co Ltd und die MAC-Adresse, könnte ich nicht sagen, welches Gerät das ist! Kann man das irgendwie rausfinden? lg Roland
  25. Hello @maz & @Schulte, 👉The Comparison of subscription plans shows what features are available for Kaspersky: Standard, Plus, Premium. Kaspersky Premium has - Identity Protection Wallet - when that app is selected via the Kaspersky GUI, it opens the KPM GUI, the users signs into KPM with their Master password & adds the document the user wishes to secure to the KPM secure document storage. Kaspersky Password Manager stores all data in an encrypted format and only decrypts it when the user enter the main password - read: How Kaspersky Password Manager protects your data. Re: "what is the difference between that and 'Identity Protection Wallet' - the security of the documehts is identical - the process of accessing the feaure is different - in Kaspersky Plus, the user manually fires up KPM & adds or downloads secured documents, in Kaspersky Premium, the user accesses KPM via the Kaspersky Premium IPW module OR the user can also access KPM as a standalone application -> personal choice, see images: 👉According to the Comparison table, & the documentation, both Kaspersky Plus & Kaspersky Premium have Smart Home Monitor, read: About the Smart Home Monitor component & see image: 👉Both Kaspersky Plus & Kaspersky Premium have the Secure Vault feature - a secure storage *container*, read: About Secret Vault. ‼️Note: The KPM Master password - is not known or stored by Kaspersky, if (you) loose OR forget it, it cannot be recovered, read: What to do if you have forgotten the main KPM password‼️ Note1: IF you're purchasing a subscription from a Kaspersky website OR via (your) MyKaspersky, read: How your subscription works - the subscription *activates* on the software payment date, not the software install date! Note2: Unlimited VPN is for the *subscriber* account *only*, all other User accounts on the subscription get Kaspersky Standard/Free. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
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