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  1. Hi, I have 2 problem with Kaspersky Small Office Security Unable tp update. I clicked the Run Update button, the button become grey color, and it stuck there. No progress for updating database. I also not able to run Virus scanning. It keep show me Previous Scan Failed. For Quick Scan and Full Scan I'm running on Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition. Dell Server with Raid 1. Anyone have idea how to fix this? Thank you.
  2. Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit My current AV product, Avira Antivirus Pro, underwent some really unfortunate changes recently, rendering it unusable for my purposes, so I'm looking for a replacement. I thought I'd try the free version of Kaspersky and maybe some others before buying anything. I completely uninstalled the Avira product, downloaded and installed Kaspersky Free without incident. Ran the full scan successfully. Configured a weekday quick scan and a Sunday full scan and went about my day waiting to see how it would work. A few hours later, I opened the Kaspersky Free UI to inspect a few settings and found that NONE of the UI controls would respond. I couldn't even get the program to exit. I was only able to close the UI by logging out. I repeated the process a few times and had the same result. I wanted to uninstall and re-install the product, just in case I had missed something, but was unable to uninstall. Invoking the uninstall process brought up a dialog, whose contents I'm ashamed to say I don't remember. Nonetheless, that UI was also completely unresponsive. Unfortunately, the only way out of this condition was to manually reboot. I tried the uninstall again with the same result. Since I really needed to get back to work, I gave up and restored my OS partition from last night's backup. What's going on here? I'd really like to give this product a fair test and am pretty sure it wouldn't be widely used and highly rated if this was a common problem. What am I doing wrong? What should I be looking for?
  3. Hello, and thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have tried adding the decrypting software to the trusted zone as "**\IronKey.exe" and also added other programs based on this list. I stopped pursuing the application route at this point after I found that disabling device control for CD-DVD drives was the only difference between it working or not. Here are links to our Global Policy and the Policy Profile in use for these PCs and users just in case the profile isn't part of the main export. I have confirmed that the PCs are using the profile through local event logs.
  4. Hello all! Thank you a lot for your extremely quick responses! About the info you have requested: My anti-virus version is "Kaspersky Free" My OS is Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 - Build 7601 with Service Pack 1 I always shutdown my laptop via normal Start menu -> Shutdown option Indeed, I think that these files are useless leftovers from KAV Free definition/program updates and there should be no harm if I remove them, but I am looking forward at your replies... Thank you very much, in advance :thumbsup:
  5. It should be noted that the quick fix supplied by Mozilla as noted above, only allows for the addition of new add-ons / extensions. It does not fix the problem with legacy extensions like Kaspersky Protection being removed. They will remain unsupported and continue to be excluded from the browser until Mozilla comes up with a permanent fix.
  6. Excellent work IgsFi, & quick!! Very happy this stage has happened, please let us know if KIS remains ON? Thanks!
  7. thanks for your quick answer, I will try your advice.
  8. At a quick glance, this appears to be a viable option. I will work on getting this set up and report back. Thanks for the direction, and link.
  9. Haven't done anything else yet Berny - but when I pull up the details for the extension from within Chrome, it shows the version as 20.0.543.401 as below. A quick search on the net suggests this dates from November 7th 2018. My wife's laptop on the other hand, has the extension on it. Not sure why one machine would have updated and the other not.
  10. harlan4096 : Thanks for your quick reply. I also thought of that, but would this not weaken my defence? There must be a reason why .reg files could be considered a threat, right? Do you know if RegEdit has sort of built-in defence that could maybe warn against a file it is trying to register? That way I would feel much more at ease doing an exclusion for.reg files. :thinking:
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Well, I just downloaded the 2019 version from this site and installed it right away, then prompted to restart the computer, so i did, and now there is a red text "license is missing".
  12. Hi, as well as the above posts by Beerny and Denis-NN. Quick fix, try this Email link: https://www.kasperskypartners.com/et.cfm?eid=resend_password
  13. i have a problem where i cant scan my exclusions even with a selective scan i dont know if its meant to be that way or if im doing something wrong but as you can see in the screenshot there where 0 files scanned is there a way to bypass exclusions when doing a selective scan or to set the exclusions so that it only affects automatic scans like quick scan
  14. Hi, welcome to the New Kaspersky Community. I seen it happen in Windows 10 updates. Quick fix is two "uninstall" Kaspersky, reboot computer, reinstall Kaspersky. https://support.kaspersky.com/kis19
  15. Hi. Welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. As well as above post by "richbuff" A quick fix could be to "uninstall kaspersky" reboot computer then "reinstall kaspersky 2019" https://support.kaspersky.com/kis19
  16. Hi. welcome. As well as the above Berny, Caos posts. A quick fix would be to uninstall Kaspersky Total Security, reboot your computer then reinstall new download version of Kaspersky Total Security 19. https://support.kaspersky.com/kts19
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