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  1. Hello Mystiky, As well as the information/guidance provided by richbuff & Schulte, are any KAV automatic (Full/Quick) scans running and expansion drives being attached to the system, which KAV will start to scan, at the same time? Please let us know? Thank you.
  2. worst kaspersky support no one responding i traid so many time reach this 91-22-61992525 You can also submit a request using this link: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2b this is my ticker ID INC000010682487 created on 08/08/19 still i am followup and wasting my time. if kaspersky not able to provide support why selling product. i will definitely move to quick heal, but i want to let you know why i am kicking kaspersky. we facing internet blocking and outlook not connecting . one more issue is netagent not installing on server 2012
  3. android 8.0 thanks for the quick response!
  4. Hello battybatmam4unme Thank you for your quick answer. :) Yes,there had notifications. [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XX1-dWR5CE[/video] I am sorry for xxxxxxxing resolution(the original is better)i don't know why xxxxing youtube did it with that resolution. :/ //Mod Note: edited -> foul language
  5. Hello BF & Kaspersky lovers( like me :D ) :). I have problem with the best Anti-Virus software ever :( When it is installed on Windows 7 x64 and i want to play BF(2,3,4 or BC)the best game ever :) and i start Origin i can't use them. :( BF 2,4 and BC show me that i am offline,BF 3 tell me to connect to the internet(which work perfect in that time)after i try to go inside of some server, the chat in origin stay offline when i am online. What happen? I want to play the best games and to protekt my PC with the best Anti-Virus program and i can't do it. :( I am so,so sad ;( I need quick help! Pls. Thank you.
  6. Hello Abe Thanks for posting back: Scan - how do I know: "Scheduled scan", "manual scan" "scan - general" = What's the difference between Full Scan, Quick Scan, and Custom Scan tasks? https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS4Mac/20.0/en-US/166063.htm Perform common tasks > View the application operation report Open the Reports window. In the menu bar, choose Protection > Reports. https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS4Mac/20.0/en-US/58775.htm View a scan task report https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS4Mac/20.0/en-US/58390.htm ----- Uninstall Kaspersky application: https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS4Mac/20.0/en-US/118671.htm In the menu bar, choose Help > Kaspersky Internet Security Support. In the dialog that opens, click Uninstall. The Kaspersky Internet Security uninstaller starts. In the window that opens, click Uninstall again. In the prompt for administrator credentials, enter an administrator name and password and confirm that you want to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security. Uninstallation of Kaspersky Internet Security starts. Read the information about the uninstallation and click Quit to quit the uninstaller. Kaspersky Internet Security is now removed from your computer. You don't have to restart your computer after removing the application. Note: Uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't automatically delete the application extension from Google Chrome and Firefox. For instructions on managing browser extensions in these browsers, please refer to your browser documentation. ---- To enable Tech Support to assist, all requested data is vital. ---- Please keep us updated with any TS feedback you receive? Thanks
  7. I opened a tech support case and sent the screen shots as well as the SendToKL.zip file generated by the KLlogsGather script. Among other things the script appears to test for incompatible apps: INCOMPATIBLE_APP_TEST="Avast|AVG|AnyConnect|ClamXav|Handsoff|iAntivirus|iav|McAfee|TrendSmart|VirusBarrier|WaterRoof|Cisco|Sophos|Bitdefender|Malwarebytes I have Malwarebytes Premium trial active on my Mac. I like it. I wonder if its "App Block" feature is interfering with KIS. I disabled "App Block" in Malwarebytes and will let the KIS scheduled Quick-Scan run again tonight. But as mentioned above, I have a tech support case open so we'll see what they say. Thank you.
  8. I spoke too soon. The problem is back. KIS hangs on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I had a scheduled Quick-Scan that launched at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. It is hung at 3% complete, and has been running now for over 7 hours. Do I have to manually kill and restart everyday? I hope not! I have the .crash files shown in the screen capture. Should I send them to someone? Thanks, Abe
  9. Thanks for your quick replies to clear it up for me. I appreciate the help.
  10. Hi, Still waiting for your quick response. Kindly help. I have 1000 system with CentOS 6.10. The issue is same for all. Kindly help me with high priority. Thank you.
  11. Thanks for your quick response from which I note that you say that these are 'normal'. Does that mean that they have now replaced HTTPS on Chrome although HTTPS is still appearing through other browsers?
  12. Thank you for quick reply. I really appreciate it. But I have a problem regarding the download. I tried to download the free version but the download link for the free version is not working . I'm only able to download cloud version. will it capable to protect my pc "offline"? Because I'm not working online all the time (The previous version did excellent job in offline).
  13. I just purchased and downloaded Kaspersky Internet Security today August 8, 2019 and it is SO SLOW. I'm running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2018 Mac Mini with SSD, Intel i7 six-core, and 16GB RAM. Kaspersky is so frustrating. Quick-Scan calculates 57 Hours. Full-Scan calculates 36 Days. Both scans hang. It seems to hang on com.apple.telemetry --- as posted by another user 2 months ago! What's going on? Thanks.
  14. Hello FLOOD , 5 ,6 - Assuming they are both in the same place i have attached a print screen So both Names, password and Addresses are selected to storage and fill automatically. I was checking the other options and saw that in the tab browsers the Edge is saying installed but not showing as activate, also to uninstall it says that it should be done from the browser. Also a quick question do you need to have your cookies and web data as well as files and cache data enabled on your browser (Edge) for the automatically login to work?
  15. Hello. Thank you for your very quick reply. I am sorry for being late reply. A lot of thing happen recently so I don't have time to check this topic. After posting this topic, the blue screen happened for several more time. I am really frustrated at that moment, I have work to do and it is kind of risk to turn off Kaspersky (the only way to stop the blue screen). So I decided to switch to a new AV after all of this. After I switch, no more blue screen happen. But there is some point i still want to ask you, please help me if you can. I really appreciate. I will answer your question in case these additional information help you in the future (hope it does) My answer: 6. I'm not doing anything with virtual memory itself. I only have 1 software - Bluestack that may use this (i'm not expert so I don't know clearly). Other than this I did not make any change or touch any setting related to virtual memory 7.I only use this computer on weekend so no chance for observe it over 5 day period 8. I'm assume you mean my windows version is old ? I just check and somehow Windows Update in Service setting is changed to manual (maybe in the past I change it, but I forget and thought my computer is on auto update). I set it to auto and go to Windows Update app and update my windows manually for this time. My question: Is there any chance that I can meet this problem when I upgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security ? I'm intend to but for now really hesitate. Once again, thank you
  16. Hello FLOOD , thanks for the quick reply. 1-Edition: Windows 10 Home N x64 /Build18362 /Version: 1903 /Compilation:18362.267 2-Version: (b) / 1563191215_6231 3-Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0 /Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362 4-Kaspersky Internet Security /version: -Kaspersky Secure connection /version: 5-Bellow is a printscreen of my two only extensions ---- Nothing has changed I just recently started to use KPM and notice this slowness ---- Has listed above I use Kaspersky Internet Security ---- I have applications installed (Steam, GoG galaxy and Origin) but not running and the PC overall performance is not affected by Kaspersky to be noticeable. ---- Well it is true that I dont have the same issue with my Gmail account still you can tell its slower just not as much as Outlook and I understand that but it was after using the extension that I got this issue. ---- Well I will do some more tests for now I can show you another printscreen that I capture and attached (sorry it is in Portuguese but it says that the extension is making the browser slower and it advices to deactivate) this was made using Internet Explorer. ---- Well the main test I have been doing is try out the same activities with and without the KPM extension but actually having to shut it down using Windows task manager so I can see the diference in performance using Edge. ---- I will see if can do those mention tests I will post again. Regards, BAndré.
  17. One last question. Do you know if only the folder I specifically selected will be compressed, aka "Trash"? Or will compressing by rightclicking automatically compress whole of Thunderbird? Thanks for your quick replies and help!
  18. Hello, I got a positive and a quick answer from the support, they sent me my activation code. Thank you very much guys for the assistance ! very professionnal ! i appreciate. Have a good day/night.
  19. Problem solved. Reason possible not fully correct quick clone of an original system to SSD with 90% capacity used. Some MBR problems before, repaired. After KRD now defect MBR and PT. Repair by testdisk using PT backup from original, and then using some backups of 2 partitions. Ev. KRD checked inconsistent but so far working PT and MBR and had some effects, who knows ! Conclusion: Clone of complicated original with 7 partitions and 90% used capacity better not a smart clone but a sector by sector with verification, e.g. by macrium reflect or acronis. But KRD had a negative effect ! No viruses found !
  20. Hello, Recently my computer have been occurred a lot of blue screen with code BAD_POOL_HEADER. So I tried to narrow down and tried everything I can until now to identify which software/why it cause this blue screen. Last time, I already seen my previous Minidump file to Microsoft Comunity and they identify that nVidia and Kaspersky causing this problem. I follow their instruction to update my nVidia driver. Today this blue screen happen again. I tried a quick look at my minidump file this time and maybe Kaspersky causing this Could you please take a look at this problem and somehow fix it ? I really like Kaspersky and stick with you guys for a long time. I can switch to other Free AV but well I want to give Kaspersky a chance. Detail information about my OS and Kaspersky Free version, and other related information below: Windows: Windows 10 Education (64bit) Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 Kaspersky Free AV version: *Both Windows and Kaspersky are set to automatically update My minidump zip file uploaded to Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BiC3ebbSLp8XGo-BK2bRCWquGKJlJgqp My topic on Microsoft Comunity: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/multiple-blue-screen-with-code-badpoolheader-in-1/e92c1cab-b2ab-48aa-8f5d-812b5499337f?auth=1
  21. Hello Henry, Thanks for replying and the additonal information. You're too quick for me:wink:, I added a bit of extra information to my original reply. Any large .zip can be uploaded to cloud storage, share the link please, however, did you activate traces, REBOOT, after restart, ensure KIS is active, replicate issue, disable traces? If not, would you be kind enough to follow those steps please and provide the .zip traces? Many thanks.
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