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  1. Hello @Nick Og, Welcome! (You) can't find the settings described in the topic raised by @booger, because it's for Kaspersky Internet Security, not Kaspersky Plus. Read: Show quick launch icon in data entry fields. If you mean the keyboard that overlays the KPM icon, uncheck Show quick launch icon in data entry fields, Shopping & payment systems (in this case for Amazon site; or select the filter that applies). ?(ioo) it's a very poor design? - if this is not the issue-> post an image of the icon\prompt that's concerning you; there's more than one icon/prompt - we need to see what you see, rather than guess; also, please make sure the image is of the full browser window, including the URL bar & the system date & time? Thank you? Flood?+? Resource: Read before you create a new topic!
  2. This is just a REAL shame to broke user's PC like that , never seen this before !!!!!! the up^date of 23/08/2023 just broke my entire computer : no mouse, no keyboard ... and system in hibernate mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can i do to recover my computer ??????? usb fix : just ...., 1 change and no keyboard or mouse ???? Is there skilled ingeneer at kasper lab ??? You just waste my time, and week end.
  3. This is just a REAL shame to broke user's PC like that , never seen this before !!!!!! the up^date of 23/08/2023 just broke my entire computer : no mouse, no keyboard ... and system in hibernate mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can i do to recover my computer ??????? usb fix : just shit, 1 change and no keyboard or mouse ???? Is there skilled ingeneer at kasper lab ??? You just waste my time, and week end.
  4. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. This article describes what is considered a Full Scan, which affects the KSC status "Virus Scan has not been performed for a long time". Scan task area settings There are two ways to set areas for a Scan task. Tasks started with any other settings (including Quick Scan and Critical Area Scan with default settings) will not be considered as a Full Scan. Primary Kernel Memory Running processes and Startup Objects Disk boot sectors Local disk (logical disk where OS is installed) Alternative Kernel Memory Running processes and Startup Objects Disk boot sectors %systemroot%\ %systemroot%\System\ %systemroot%\System32\ %systemroot%\System32\drivers\ %systemroot%\SysWOW64\ %systemroot%\SysWOW64\drivers\ Path is Case-Sensitive in order to support upcoming Windows features.
  5. It looks good🙂 the max protection is that you type in a password input box via K‘s virtual keyboard in safe-money protected broswer. the password input box should be automaticly indentified by K and you will be suggested to use the virtual keyboard. a small lock icon will be displayed beside the input box.
  6. Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate the professional manner in which you handle the matter
  7. Autorenewal failed because my credit card expired. I cannot find anywhere to supply new card details. When I 'retry' card, and enter new details there, I get an error. How do I fix this?
  8. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Problem Description, Symptoms & Impact The installation of the Network Agent isn't possible on a device because of the error System error 0x1F (A device attached to the system is not functioning.) Diagnostics In the MSI Log and Application Eventlog can be found the following line: (1192/0x0 ("System container 'LOC-PUB-6EEB50F8D2EB46029DB4CCB77E0DA651' is corrupt") Workaround & Solution The issue comes from a corrupt cryptostorage in the OS. It's not a KL related issue, although there is a possible solution to fix it. On the problem host launch cmd.exe with administrative privileges Run klcryptstgclean.exe: klcryptstgclean -tl 4 -tf $klcryptstgclean_trace.txt -l klcryptstgclean.log Try to install NAgent. If it doesn't help, perform actions from the Cryptostorage-1.docx file. If installation fails again, send to Kaspersky Support the following files: "$klcryptstgclean_trace.txt", "klcryptstgclean.log", new GSI with klnagent installation logs. It is not KSC and klnagent related issue. It is OS related issue. If workaround doesn't help, try sfc /scannow command, OS restore, OS reinstallation or contact MS support.
  9. Hello everyone, how are you? Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Look how interesting, I played Grand Theft Auto Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas and surprisingly, the administrator of the server I played on has bad intentions, I had a fight with him. It turned out that my computer and router connected to his server, and I believe he managed to steal my password through that. But look. How did I get attacked after formatting the HD and rewriting it in the BIOS? And rewritten the router Firmware? How is this possible? It happened that I did the formatting and cleaning process (disinfection) and it didn't solve the problem, I entered my Microsoft account (Outlook), I clicked on enter, I was redirected to a fake Microsoft page and I entered the email and password and then was redirected to the original page. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Could the MASTERS help me? It looks like a movie, my Facebook was stolen. Even formatting, how is this possible? Any theories? I contacted Intel and MICROSOFT, luckily my PC parts are under warranty and from what I understand it would only be resolved with reverse engineering, because even formatting and connecting to another network with another IP, my hardware's firmware remains the same and doesn't work. This is a common virus, but a complex one and hackers. They stole my CPF, to commit CRIMES, this happened in Brazil, the country of organized CRIME. Kaspersky urgently needs to create antivirus that detects hardware malware, such as video cards, memory, USB devices, keyboard and mouse and to top it off processors, is it easy? kaspersky needs to invest in technology that detects this incident, especially in the case of espionage to steal personal data as was my case. Could anyone show me some technology or something to try to save some computers? And HDs, or is this a case of throwing the PC in the trash and buying a new one?
  10. Hello @ahmad98, Welcome! Not enough information, please share with us: OS version & build, refer: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/15026 Kaspersky Free version, refer: on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About? Error or errors when Keyboard does not work - post full-screen screen prints? In Windows Device Manager - what is the Keyboard status? In Windows Device Manager - has Scan for changes been run? Has the Windows Keyboard Troubleshooter been run - what are the results? Which solutions have been tried - provide details of each solution please? Read: keyboard stopped working topics. Please post back? Thank you? Flood?+?
  11. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. RDP connection invoked via KSC console uses hostname to connect to a host - mstsc.exe is invoked with /v hostname parameter. Edit command line used to invoke mstsc.exe with ip address parameter instead of the hostname: Open Custom tools → Configure custom tools Select Remote Desktop, click Modify Edit Command line text box, it should contain <host_ip> instead of <A>: /v:<host_ip>:<P> /f Disable Create tunnel for TCP port specified below checkbox Administration Console will now launch mstsc.exe with ip address as argument.
  12. Hey Demiad, thanks for your help with that :-) Can I launch the GUI from CLI using sudo?
  13. Hello @vterra8871 As well as above posts. Try this Script To disable hardware virtualization in Windows, you would typically need to access your computer's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) settings. These settings can vary depending on your computer's manufacturer and model, but the general process is as follows: 1. **Restart Your Computer**: Begin by restarting your computer. 2. **Access BIOS/UEFI Settings**: As your computer starts up, there is usually a specific key or combination of keys you need to press to access the BIOS or UEFI settings. This key is often displayed on the screen briefly during startup. Common keys include Del, F2, F10, or Esc. Press the appropriate key(s) repeatedly until you enter the BIOS or UEFI interface. 3. **Navigate to Virtualization Settings**: Once in the BIOS/UEFI settings, use the keyboard to navigate through the menus. Look for a section related to "Virtualization," "Advanced CPU Configuration," "CPU Features," or something similar. The location and naming of this section can vary, so refer to your computer's manual or online resources if needed. 4. **Disable Hardware Virtualization**: Within the virtualization settings, you should find an option to enable or disable hardware virtualization. This option might be named "Intel Virtualization Technology," "VT-x," "AMD-V," or something similar, depending on your CPU manufacturer. Use the keyboard to select the option and disable it. 5. **Save Changes and Exit**: After disabling hardware virtualization, navigate to the "Save and Exit" or similar option in the BIOS/UEFI settings. Confirm that you want to save the changes and exit. Your computer will restart. Please note that the exact steps and options might differ based on your computer's hardware and BIOS/UEFI version. Additionally, disabling hardware virtualization may impact the performance of virtualization software like VMware, VirtualBox, or Hyper-V. Make sure you have a specific reason for disabling hardware virtualization and that you fully understand the implications. If you're not comfortable making changes in the BIOS/UEFI settings or are unsure about the consequences of disabling hardware virtualization, it's advisable to seek assistance from someone with experience or consult your computer's documentation. Remember that making incorrect changes in the BIOS/UEFI settings can potentially lead to system instability or inoperability, so proceed with caution and only make changes if you are confident in what you are doing. Thank you
  14. Even I'm facing the same issue. I've kept the same Edge settings as you, I have removed all extensions from Edge. I've run a quick scan and a full scan and nothing has been detected so far. (I did have a virus attack a while ago, but I think I've removed all traces of it with Kaspersky; the new scans show no traces of any virus. I've no idea what to do now. Even the temporary solution of blocking all cookies does not seem to work for me because every time I open Edge I get this same notification and the file is subsequently deleted but I'm confused about what to do. I only use Edge on one PC so it is not sycned anywhere else. Edge version: 118.0.2088.76 OS: Windows 10, Version 22H2, OS Build 19045.3570 Kaspersky version: Do you have any suggestions about the same?@harlan4096 Thanking you in advance.
  15. here is the correspondence..... Hi There, I am Tiviya your support representative for today's chat. How may I assist you today? 😊 Operator 22.10.2023 12:16 hello please make a strictly black design for kaspersky standard the same as the kaspersky endpoint security It should be completely black You 22.10.2023 12:16 Download You 22.10.2023 12:17 Here is the reference number for your chat today: INC000015817627 Please give me 2-3 min to bring up your details. Operator 22.10.2023 12:17 ok You 22.10.2023 12:17 Thank you for waiting Operator 22.10.2023 12:18 Open Kaspersky Standard > go to settings > interface settings > design theme > Choose Dark Operator 22.10.2023 12:18 I know this, I need the left side to be black too.... You 22.10.2023 12:20 Show me this on a screenshot please Operator 22.10.2023 12:20 Download You 22.10.2023 12:22 Sorry this is a default theme. It cannot be completely black as the other application. Is there anything else I can help with before we end the chat? Operator 22.10.2023 12:24 no, thank you very much(( You 22.10.2023 12:25 You 22.10.2023 12:25 This your chat reference number: INC000015817627 If that is all for now, I will end this chat here and I would appreciate it if you could complete a quick survey about the support that I have provided. 😊 Thank you for contacting Kaspersky and have a nice day. 😉 Operator 22.10.2023 12:25 The conversation has been completed. Please feel free to continue it anytime. Operator 22.10.2023 12:25
  16. Muchísimas gracias, Harlan! OK, ya le hice los cambios indicados al Quick Scan. 👍 Muchas gracias! y también por los consejos de tipos de SSD. 100% de acuerdo. Lo raro es que ya tenía todo al máximo cuando sólo duraba 2 horas; no le he cambiando nada que aumente el tiempo. Esta versión 21.15... ¿esta numeración es sólo para la nueva suite de productos o por qué será que mi KIS se quedó en 21.3 y no se me actualizó a la 21.14 por sí sola, si antes se actualizaba sin yo tener que descargar nada? Es que no me queda claro: ¿la sugerencia es que me pase a Kaspersky Standard v.21.15, o hay una *KIS* 21.15?
  17. Bienvenid@ a la Comunidad de Kaspersky. Lo ideal sería obviamente hacer el análisis cuanto antes mejor. Aunque yo no hago nunca Full Scans... creo que ya lo he comentado otras veces en la Comunidad. Personalmente, pienso que son una pérdida de tiempo innecesaria y están sobrevalorados 😁. En su lugar, corro Quick Scans modificados, añadiéndole 2 carpetas a la Cobertura del análisis: También modifico un poco las opciones en su Configuración Avanzada: En los Full Scans, activar esta opción es fundamental para optimizar el tiempo de análisis: Configurar un Análisis Completo con todo al máximo, es una apuesta segura a que durará horas... Otra opción para agilizar los análisis completos del sistema es disponer de una unidad de tipo SSD, y si el sistema lo permite, pues mejor del tipo M2 de las nuevas generaciones 3/4. Para terminar tienes KIS 21.3, la versión 21.15 está ya calentita a punto de salir (¡estad atentos que pronto publicaremos los enlaces de descarga en esta sección!). Como tienes KIS, al migrar tu licencia se convertirá en Kaspersky Estándar. Saludos.
  18. Hello @ukaszw80, Thank you for posting back & the information! You can't *make* the software English without installing a English language version, the shift+f12 is just a quick workaround, not sustainable. Uninstall the existing version, then download & install: Kaspersky Total Security for Windows® - from Kaspersky's Global website, select Global OR The European Union (if that suits your needs). IF that does not work, (your) best course of action is to contact Kaspersky Customer Service - select Email or Chat & fill in the template as in our image at the end of our reply. Because the license is from Ebay & there may be an issue - it's possible Kaspersky Customer Service may not be able to assist *but* all you can do is ask. Contact the Ebay merchant - find out why the product is not functioning in the manner you expect? 💥Just as information, the *repeated* advice provided here in the Community is: do not buy Kaspersky software from Ebay - some unscrupulous merchants sell Kaspersky licenses multiple times, knowing the license is limited or has other problems, they really don't care - they get their sale - if it turns out you've been sold a dud license - report the merchant to Ebay💥 Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  19. Hello @Rich_in_HaPA, Welcome! Yes. Ok. OK. You can't - it's by design. There's been a multitude of complaints, Kaspersky appears not to have heard them. You may wish to log a request, on the support page, fill in an Email or Chat, then select Feedback, I have a Suggestion, or Feedback, I have a Complaint template - provide a detailed history & explanation/reasons for the request. Support may communicate with you & discuss the proposal. All requests go thru the relevant team/s, not all requests are successful & even successful requests may take a long time to be implemented. Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you? Flood?+? Resources: Very little info for Secure Keyboard Input - in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac library. Existing Community topics, generic filter: Secure Keyboard Input is enabled Quick Launch Keyboard
  20. Hello @Surfrat, Welcome back! Yes, you can choose how to open On-Screen Keyboard: Open On-Screen Keyboard by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+P. Show On-Screen Keyboard quick launch icon in data entry fields. The On-Screen Keyboard quick launch icon is displayed in the password input fields on web pages.Click the Edit categories link to open the Categories window. In this window, you can specify on which websites the On-Screen Keyboard quick launch icon for On-Screen Keyboard should be displayed. Click the Manage exclusions link in the Categories window to create lists of websites on which you want to enable or disable display of the On-Screen Keyboard quick launch icon irrespective of the selected website categories. You can use masks when adding exclusions. Resources: About protection of data entered on the computer keyboard About On-Screen Keyboard Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  21. I recentlly discovered that Microsoft OneDrive, Phone Link, Microsoft Store and Windows Update had stopped working, all claiming I was not connected to the internet. This wasn't true, as my browsers were still working. I contacted Microsoft Support who found that their Quick Assist app couldn't connect. Microsoft suggested a clean boot, and when I did this with Kaspersky Total Security V running the problems persisted. After pausing the Kaspersky protection, all the Microsoft apps worked correctly. Searching through the Kaspersky Forum I found this thread which provided a fix by Friend https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/ms-teams-only-works-when-i-disable-my-kaspersky-35859/ This fix solved the immediate problems, and all the Microsoft apps worked correctly with Kaspersky protection running. Reading further in the thread I found that I should have installed Kaspersky Plus to replace my Kaspersky Total Security. I have done that, and everything is working.
  22. Thanks Elvin! 1- I created a manual task to "start application KES" and in advanced options i set up to send wake on lan packet 1 minute before. This way when I manually launch the task, KSC will turn on my computer. It's different from the old MMC console but it works. 2- I executed the command you suggest to open port on linux and connect MMC console to linux. This is a good alternative, i like to have both solutions now. Didn't ask for this but you read my mind, thanks! 👍 3- limitation of KSC on linux shouldn't be a problem, the missing feature are something we're not really using but I hope Kaspersky will push on this solution and bring all the functionality in future, nobody likes to pay a windows license to manage kaspersky when linux can do it for free. 4- the only thing still not clear is the managed devices window in KSC web console. In your screenshot, you have PM-KSC-01 in white, managed devices in white and all the subgroups in white, clickable (i think). If you look at my screenshot I have in white only KSC server, then managed devices and all the subgroups are in dark grey and i cannot click them. If I try to click on subgroups name i see the something loading for a fraction of second but nothing happen or appears. And no pages are loaded in the central frame of the website when i try to click the groups.
  23. Hi, I have Kaspersky VPN set to split tunnelling and to only work on Firefox. That's great, it works fine. However if I try and launch warcraft the game fails to connect. Why is this? It seems to imply as if split tunnelling is applying outside of just firefox. As soon as I close the VPN wow loads fine. Wow does not care about VPNs, other VPNs work fine on it so im a bit confused.
  24. Adding the affected domain as trusted in web protection is a quick fix if you want to give a try.
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