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  1. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Problem Some devices do not have keyboards, but still are detected with BadUSB. Step-by-step guide In order to allow them work properly use BadUSB on-screen keyboard, using other onscreen keyboards or physical ones is not recommended. To open BadUSB on-screen keyboard click on the highlighted text (example for Russian localization). Note that Prohibit use of On-Screen Keyboard for authorization of USB devices option should be turned off.
  2. Hello @Riddick, Welcome! Good work doing the *extra* troubleshooting. Was the last PC *shutdown* normal? Is Kaspersky Premium configured to launch at computer start-up? What is the full Windows 10 OS & Build, in Windows Search - type WINVER - post back the results from the winver app please? Run a Database update - allow it to complete. Shutdown the PC using SHUTDOWN, not Restart, power on by pressing the power button, login, make sure Kaspersky is running & recheck System Audit for: Safe Browsing? Mail Anti-Virus? Firewall, Error? Network Attack Blocker? Please post back? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  3. I just updated my pc and can't run Armory Crate or install AsusAI suite due to no AsIO3.sys file installed. Armory crate installs but doesn't launch. AISuite won't install at all. I tried reinstall it but didnt work. I think its caused by KIS. Most likely, the KIS detects this file as a threat. Any solutions for this or is it just need to be update? Win 11 23H2
  4. @Cjaker Welcome. Please see → Application "crashes", "freezes" or "lags"; the "Previous application launch failed" error message appears Did you provide a GSI Log to Kaspersky Technical Support ? Also, please check your Window Event Log ? Additionally please see → Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium - info & FAQ → Q1
  5. Ok here are the steps I had to do . 1. removed McAfee from add and remove programs. It appeared to be successful . Started the Kaspersky standard installation , it detected McAfee WebAdvisor was still detected . and incompatable . I was not really surprised about that WebAdvisor was not removed by just deleting from the add and remove 2 So I cancelled installation , and use the McAfee tool and ran. Then went back to install Kaspersky . 3. Installation went well , already ran quick scan all is good , so no more issues Just wanted to update how it went for me on windows 11. Thanks again 😃
  6. First I can't get my screen to print. If it makes sense to you I have an ASUS keyboard and a dell computer. I have tried the print scr and the alt and F7 key nothing. Windows: 22H OS BUILD 19045.4046 Chrome: 122.0.6261.95 official build 64bit As far as Kaspersky I can't get anything on that. I right click it only shows pin to start, more, history, settings, data base, tools and scan. Run error Failed to run Protected Browser. Reason: Process was stopped. I can only run safe money in firefox. Chrome and microsoft edge can't do.
  7. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. SNMP daemon on SVM should have the following default settings: protocol version: v2c rocommunity name: public listening address and port: access type: read only transport: UDP logging: syslog The following statistics can be received from SVM: # Description Name Identifier 4.1 CPU Statistics UCD-SNMP-MIB::systemStats 4.2 Memory Statistics UCD-SNMP-MIB::memory 4.3 Load average statistics UCD-SNMP-MIB::laTable 4.4 Disk statisitcs HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageTable 4.5 Network statistics IF-MIB::ifTable 4.7 Amount of desktop VMs connected KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaProtectedDesktopCount 4.8 Amount of server VMs connected KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaProtectedServerCount 4.9 ODS running status: - in progress (if all ODS Tasks are running) - waiting (if at least one ODS task is waiting for processing) - none (if no ODS tasks are running/waiting at all) KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaODSStatus 4.10 ODS queue lenght: amount of VMs awaiting ODS processing KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaODSQueueLenght 4.11 Amount of simualtaneously running ODS tasks KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaODSTaskCount 4.12 Current percent of an allowed physical memory consumption - In case of watchdog is on use WDSERVER_MAX_MEM const from ScanServerLaunch.sh as maximum - In case of watchdog is off use 100% as maximum KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaMemoryConsumption 4.13 Current percent of an allowed swap consumption - In case of watchdog is on use WDSERVER_MAX_SWAP const from ScanServerLaunch.sh as maximum - In case of watchdog is off use 100% as maximum KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaSwapConsumption 4.14 Main processes state (running/stopped): -- scan server daemon KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaScanServerStatus -- klnagent daemon KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaKlnagentStatus -- nginx daemon KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaNginxStatus -- watchdog KSVLA-MIB::ksvlaWatchdogStatus Change SNMP community name Edit file /etc/snmnp/snmpd.conf Change public into the string recommunity on your own Save changes Restart SNMP daemon - systemctl restart snmpd Move on SNMPv3 Stop SNMP daemon - systemctl stop snmpd Launch the command - net-snmp-config --create-snmpv3-user -ro -a "authpass" -x "privpass" -X AES -A SHA "user" "authpass" is the private key/password for generating HMAC when connecting to snmpd, "privpass" is the private key/password for encrypting snmp traffic, "user" is the username for snmpd. "authpass" and "privpass" we can say passwords, which should be generated by you own "user" - user name for snmpd This command will make mpdifications into two files - /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and /var/lib/net-snmp/snmpd.conf Restart SVM
  8. In what respect @tunathefish? Most people know not to use anything other than the *recommended* OS. Read: Smart Home Monitor resources. Read: Wi-Fi Analyzer resources. Also, there's many Smart Home Monitor topics in the Forums - you can refine the search according to your requirements: https://forum.kaspersky.com/search/?q=Smart Home Monitor&quick=1 Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  9. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Environment/Preconditions KSC - 12 KSWS - You may find a massive increase in disk usage from the folder report under the Kaspersky folder. The size of the report folder will increase from around 2GB to 12GB, the files in the report folder have random name (like 340a13d9-2a50-4c4e-94d6-82a79d80da4b), which rapidly grows and consumes disk space. The file can be deleted to resolve the disk space full issue, which itself can cause many issues (can't log in to the server, KSWS stop, etc) To delete the file: Stop KSWS. Add permission/owner for the login account. Right-click and delete file. This issue is caused by the Task log setting under Log and Notification tab in the KSWS policy. To avoid the detailed events issue: Ensure that there are no Informational events in the Importance level option in each Component. Remove task logs older than (days) is selected. In case you do the above step and the random file is still keep growing rapidly (100 MB per hour), it may be causes by the flooding event. You can check the event flooding by using "DB Browser for SQLite". For example, the log above is generated by the Application launch control component. You may solve this issue by disabling Application launch control log.
  10. Hello, I recently replaced Kaspersky Internet Security with Plus and I'm still getting my bearings in the new application. I have 2 questions about it: 1. How can I change the interface language from what came by default from the installer? The application installed in my region's language but I prefer it to be in English. So far I can't find a setting for changing that. 2. In KIS I was able to open the On-Screen Keyboard via the application's interface - either through the main window or via the context menu after right-clicking on the tray icon. I can't find how I can do this in Plus. I'm aware there is a keyboard shortcut but sometimes I have issues with my hardware keyboard so that shortcut is not always available to me. How can I bring the virtual one up using the mouse? I'm on Windows 10, app version is Thanks!
  11. Autorenewal failed because my credit card expired. I cannot find anywhere to supply new card details. When I 'retry' card, and enter new details there, I get an error. How do I fix this?
  12. Добавьте пожалуйста шорт каты https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сочетание_клавиш keyboard shortcut, quick key, access key, hot key Сворачивание программы в трей, сворачивание программы в панель задач, закрытие (выход из программы, с завершением процесса и службы), блокировку базы, создание новой карточки, редактирование уже существующей карточки, листание разных учёток в одной карточке, создание новой "группы", открытие настроек, синхронизацию, копирование значений из полей user name, password,переход к определенной группе "аккаунты/банковские карты/заметки/документы/" Раздельные горячие клавиши для копирование значения из поля "логин" в буфер обмена и отдельной клавиши для копирования значения из поля "пароль" (не ctrl+c) в буфер обмена. Нужно для того чтобы можно было alt+tab'абаться между программой и менеджером паролей. И копировать конкретное поле сразу, а не водить мышкой. например открыл steam чтобы залогиниться atl+tab, появилось окно менеджера ctrl+f, вод пары символов для поиска, из активной карточки (если нужная карточка не активна, "активируешь её стрелочками") нажимаешь ctrl+z (копировал в буфер логин), alt+tab открылось окно ввода в стим ctrl+v, alt+tab ctrl+x (копировал в буфер пароль) alt+tab ctrl+v. можете даже их за хардкодить, без возможности что-то настроить не нужно отвечать на моё предложение формулировкой "функция мало востребованная, маловероятно добавим", это нужно было сделать много лет назад ещё до запроса от пользователей, простите меня конечно, но программе больше 12 лет, и в ней всё ещё нету базовых вещей. За двенадцать лет можно было уже и с дистрибутивом под линукса определиться, и обеспечивать работу только на одном конкретном дистрибутиве. Почему такие простые вещие нужно выпрашивать у разработчика который претендует на место среди лидеров рынка?
  13. great now my kaspersky wont launch any more , after the update
  14. Thank you my friend, for being quick to respond. I'm glad there were people who asked about this subject. Well, the Kaspersky team could do this without customers having to hide it. but that's ok, thank you. 😀
  15. Hello @Stan_natS, how did you create the screenshot? The function using the 'PrtScr' key is permitted. This means that someone is sitting at your computer and operating the keyboard. Only the creation of a screenshot that is triggered by software should be prevented.
  16. Danke Schulte, werde es beobachten, ab wann die Meldung wieder kommt. Kann etwas dauern, bin nicht täglich am Rechner. Mein letzter download war von der Seite ITSG, einem Sozialversicherungsmeldeportal der deutschen Sozialversicherung. Melde mich, sobald der "quick driver updater" wieder auftaucht.
  17. Once again I answer my own questions because I am too quick to post. After literally 5 minutes of research, I was able to find out that Kaspersky's drivers are indeed running as ELAM (Early Launch Anti-Malware) drivers: Probably obvious, but I wanted to make sure. And now anyone with the same question knows as well.
  18. This is just a REAL shame to broke user's PC like that , never seen this before !!!!!! the up^date of 23/08/2023 just broke my entire computer : no mouse, no keyboard ... and system in hibernate mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can i do to recover my computer ??????? usb fix : just shit, 1 change and no keyboard or mouse ???? Is there skilled ingeneer at kasper lab ??? You just waste my time, and week end. just a question , did i, or your customer, allow you to modify .sys file in order to put YOUR keyboard or mouse sniffer ????? That just WEIRD. in 30 year of carreer i never seen that sort of bullshit. really. A product aiming to protect you, and we paid fopr that, is just destroying your datas !!! what can i do ? just rescue KS 18 (linux in fact) cd is working !!! ?????????????????? in fact the REAL virus : is virus vendor themself. they create them, in order to survive !!! i the paid release of your malware !
  19. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. There is an example of a step-by-step instruction to configure Single-Sign-On (SSO) for KATA 4.1/5.0 into HOME.LAB domain. Prerequisites Deployed Central Node Server Name should be FQDN. (In current case FQDN name of Central Node - kata-cn.home.lab) It can be checked via Settings/Network Settings of Central Node. A and PTR record should be set for Central Node in DNS. Domain User Account should be created to set up Kerberos authentication by means of keytab file (in current case Domain User Account is kata-sign-on). AES256-SHA1 encryption algorithm should be enabled into created Domain User Account. Step-by-step guide to create keytab file On Domain Controller: Launch CMD As Administrator Execute the following command to create keytab file C:\Windows\system32\ktpass.exe -princ HTTP/kata-cn.home.lab@HOME.LAB -mapuser kata-sing-on@HOME.LAB -crypto AES256-SHA1 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -pass * +dumpsalt -out C:\TEMP\kata-sgn-on.keytab The utility requests the kata-sign-on user password when executing the command. The SPN of the selected server is added to the created keytab file. The generated salt is displayed on the screen: Hashing password with salt "<hash value>" For multiple Central Node servers you need to save "<hash value>" of hashing password to add an SPN for each subsequent Central Node servers further using ktpass.exe utility. On Central Node Web Interface Move to Settings/Users/Active Directory Integration Add the created keytab file: Keytab file status section contains File which contains SPN for this server The file contains section HTTP/*****@*****.tld Under Users tab click Add and select Domain user account. Set domain user as <username>@<domain> On client machine Host should be joined to the same domain. Domain user should be logged in with account added into the Central Node. Open Control Panel/Internet Options Click on Security and select Local Intranet Click on Sites and then on Advanced Add FQDN of central node - kata-cn.home.lab Close windows: Launch Web Browser and access to Web Interface of the Central Node https://kata-cn.home.lab:8443 and it should be opened without asking any Login/Password.
  20. Thanks for reply. I knew that because when I turned off Kaspersky , VPN software launch smoothly and fast. I've contact with VPN support time and they told me that's because of Kaspersky. For that I did change settings.
  21. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. This instruction is relevant only in case of troubleshooting incorrect loading or rendering of a web page. In order to troubleshoot issues KES network traffic related issues traffic dump is required. It is easier to analyze and does not require third-party software installation. If reproduction of the issue requires the web browser to open web pages(such as web control non-working as expected, web page not loading, and so on), the tests should be performed in Incognito mode(also known as private browsing). Chrome browser: Ctrl+Shift+N or you can start browser from terminal: & "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -incognito . Starting application from terminal will make launch key visible in traces and make diagnostic easier. Firefox browser: Ctrl+Shift+P or you can start browser from terminal: & "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -private-window . Starting application from terminal will make launch key visible in traces and make diagnostic easier. Microsoft Edge: Ctrl+Shift+P Opera browser: Ctrl+Shift+N KES11 Instructions Disable KES11 Self-defense Navigate to the following registry key: x86: HKLM\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\KES\environment\ x64: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KasperskyLab\protected\KES\environment\ Create a string type value named DumpNetworkTraffic : DumpNetworkTraffic = (REG_SZ)"1" Restart the product or reboot the host Traffic dump files will be saved to %ProgramData%\Kaspersky Lab\KES\Data\traffic Once the issue is reproduced compress the whole traffic directory Do not forget to disable traffic dump collection. To do so delete DumpNetworkTraffic value.
  22. More detailed scenario: I don't want anyone to have permission to run any EXE files from the D:\Download folder and its subfolders. Otherwise, they can copy, cut, create, delete freely. This is my real goal! In the absence of an execute permission, I denied all read permission on the folder, regardless of the level of trust. This certainly blocks execution, and doesn't interfere with copying files. It only bothers me that the rule actually applies every time someone accesses the file list of the folder in question. My ultimate goal is to restrict the execution of any executable (exe, msi, bat, ps1, com) on the entire D disk. And only allow it to run on a certain folder on disk D. But I consider that the launch of the event by simply listing the files in a folder is so bulky, I think that by putting the whole disk, it could be chaos, perhaps a high consumption of CPU and RAM resources. An anticipatory speculation on my part.
  23. Laptop Lenovo Legion win11 23H2 Kaspersky Premium. Trouble waking up after sleeping. Sleep state: Standby (S3). Only one power plan that is Balanced (and after powercfg -restoredefaultschemes). Sfc /scannow OK Note: I have an external mouse and keyboard that allow the system to wake up. The strange thing I have noticed. When I put it in sleep mode, it wakes up normally. When I leave it alone without work (Balanced option), and it "sleeps" it does not wake up. Perhaps I notice that this is a different sleep. In force sleep everything turns off and the Power button flashes. In the second case it's like the fans are running and the Power button is solidly on. (Here it does not wake up and is forced to power off). (Hibernate is OFF)
  24. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. This article is about Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (KES for Windows) aescrypt.zip and TestProgExp.zip can be found here. Remote encryption test This test requires two participating workstations: an Attacker PC and a Victim PC. Behavior Detection component has to be configured on a Victim PC to detect malware activity, protect shared folders and block connections on detection of external encryption. Step-by-step guide On a Victim PC create folder with regular office-like files: *.DOC, *.DOCX, *.XLX, *.JPG Share folder on the Victim PC, ensure that the account logged on to the Attacker PC has full access to the shared folder. Map the shared folder as a network drive on the Attacker PC. Add/unpack the aescrypt.zip archive to the Attacker PC. Add contents to the list.txt file, based on the files in a mapped folder. Since the folder is mapped, paths will look like local ones, eg. Z:\Book1.xlsx. Use the contents of file example-list.txt as an example: On an Attacker PC, launch test.bat file to start encrypting files from list.txt . Behavior Detection in KES on the Victim PC will detect the attempt and will try to perform a rollback. Full access to a share on Victim PC for an Attacker PC will be blocked (if specified in KES policy). File restoring event is logged on a protected workstation Access to a folder is blocked from an attacker's point of view Local encryption test Step-by-step guide Prepare a folder with files to get encrypted, perform tests on files *.DOC, *.DOCX, *.XLX, *.JPG. Add/unpack to this folder the attached TestProgExp.zip utility. Launch TestProgExp utility to start the encryption. Files will be encrypted in a folder with test utility Allow some time for Behavior Detection in KES to detect the attempt and perform the rollback, as well as get rid of the suspicious software: Files get restored
  25. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Problem Environment: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop) with enabled option Citrix UPL (User Personalization Layer) Citrix App Layer Non-English Operation System localization. After installation of KSV LA 5.2, you can face the error "The specified path does not exist" which appears by launching any executable file. Possible root cause Both Citrix technologies use separate vhd files for creating VMs by using Citrix App Layer and for roaming profiles used by Citrix UPL. As the result, the merge of vhd files processes and Citrix driver returns incorrect path of where the executable files are. Workaround Install Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 and ensure it does not connect to SVM. Disable Self Defense and exit LA. Add registry file from this archive. Launch installation of the latest cumulative patch from the archive (all further released Cumulative PFs will contain the fix as well). As soon as LA informs the restart is needed, restart VMs. Connect LA to SVM. Problem should be solved.
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