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  1. Hi Running Windows 10 - Version 22H2 (OS Build 19045.3930) I have Kaspersky Premium Every few days my Kaspersky VPN becomes completely non-responsive. I am unable to launch the app at all. A common trait is that auto-sign in fails, and I can see the Kaspersky VPN icon in the tray being grey. I can't right-click it, only way to end the task is through task manager. Once I end the task, it still fails to launch when I try to reopen. When I uninstall and reinstall Kaspersky VPN, it typically fixes the issue...But the issue comes back in a few days. It will resolve itself, but has a pattern of not launching for a few days each week. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. hello You 5.02.2024 23:13 How may i assist you today? Operator 5.02.2024 23:13 i was recently told to make a chat for a problem whit kapersky Threat Intelligence Portal You 5.02.2024 23:13 by a forum master You 5.02.2024 23:13 Okay, let me check on the issue details for you Operator 5.02.2024 23:14 ok You 5.02.2024 23:14 If you could please hold on for 1-3 minutes and I will check for you. Operator 5.02.2024 23:14 ok ill hold You 5.02.2024 23:15 Thank you, please wait Operator 5.02.2024 23:16 Thank you for waiting patiently Operator 5.02.2024 23:18 We are just trying to get more details on this, is that will be okay if I update you with an email within 24hours? Operator 5.02.2024 23:19 ok You 5.02.2024 23:19 We are just trying to get more details on this, is that will be okay if I update you with an email within 24hours? Operator 5.02.2024 23:19 like for messeges? You 5.02.2024 23:19 we will update you on email Operator 5.02.2024 23:19 well yes its okay You 5.02.2024 23:20 Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Operator 5.02.2024 23:20 Is there anything else I can help with before we end the chat? Operator 5.02.2024 23:20 no thats it thank you for the help You 5.02.2024 23:20 No worries. Please take note of the reference number for this chat: INC000016171813 If that is all for now, I will end this chat here and I would appreciate it if you could complete a quick survey about the support that I have provided. 😊 Thank you for contacting Kaspersky and have a nice day. 😉 Operator 5.02.2024 23:21 The conversation has been completed. Please feel free
  3. Thanks for reply. I knew that because when I turned off Kaspersky , VPN software launch smoothly and fast. I've contact with VPN support time and they told me that's because of Kaspersky. For that I did change settings.
  4. was doing some research for work, which involved visiting different companies websites. I was using Google Chrome when I was doing my research and when I was viewing this website I received 11 notifications in a row saying Malicious Object Detected from chrome.exe, unluckily all of them were allowed by Kaspersky. I performed a quick scan, restarted my computer, and did a full scan and all came out cleaned. . Since the results of all my scans are clean I was wondering if I have to be worried about anything. I'm not sure how to send reports, but I've attached screenshots of my Kaspersky reports:
  5. when I boot my computer and Kaspersky starts I get this popup window saying "previous application launch failed" and asking if I want to send data. I have sent it a few times, but I have no idea what application and what to do about it. Is it talking about Kaspersky? If so, why is it happening and how do I resolve it?
  6. More detailed scenario: I don't want anyone to have permission to run any EXE files from the D:\Download folder and its subfolders. Otherwise, they can copy, cut, create, delete freely. This is my real goal! In the absence of an execute permission, I denied all read permission on the folder, regardless of the level of trust. This certainly blocks execution, and doesn't interfere with copying files. It only bothers me that the rule actually applies every time someone accesses the file list of the folder in question. My ultimate goal is to restrict the execution of any executable (exe, msi, bat, ps1, com) on the entire D disk. And only allow it to run on a certain folder on disk D. But I consider that the launch of the event by simply listing the files in a folder is so bulky, I think that by putting the whole disk, it could be chaos, perhaps a high consumption of CPU and RAM resources. An anticipatory speculation on my part.
  7. I had problems before i did uninstall the Kaspersky free edition of antivirus even with free removal tool from kasperksy. But still i can open onscreen keyboard from kasperksy but the keyboard doesn't work i also received a error message. What can i do to fix the problem? Thank you in advanced Kindly regards. Hugo
  8. Hello @Mexican Rose Welcome! From the left-hand-side list, select Performance, on the PC performance optimization page, scroll down & underneath PC resource consumption, make sure Launch Kaspersky at computer startup (recommended) is checked? Resource: Launch Kaspersky at computer startup (recommended) Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  9. Well, it didn't last long... After a couple of days working, I'm now back with the same problem. This time, I can access the list of country servers, but if I select a different one, it does not change. If I click on the on/off toggle switch, the button disappears and the switch background turns green-red and it hangs forever until I quite with the "close" (X) icon. It states underneath that "Your connection is secure". A quick check of my IP address shows that the VPN is not working. I attach before click (left) and after click photos.
  10. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Problem Environment: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop) with enabled option Citrix UPL (User Personalization Layer) Citrix App Layer Non-English Operation System localization. After installation of KSV LA 5.2, you can face the error "The specified path does not exist" which appears by launching any executable file. Possible root cause Both Citrix technologies use separate vhd files for creating VMs by using Citrix App Layer and for roaming profiles used by Citrix UPL. As the result, the merge of vhd files processes and Citrix driver returns incorrect path of where the executable files are. Workaround Install Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 and ensure it does not connect to SVM. Disable Self Defense and exit LA. Add registry file from this archive. Launch installation of the latest cumulative patch from the archive (all further released Cumulative PFs will contain the fix as well). As soon as LA informs the restart is needed, restart VMs. Connect LA to SVM. Problem should be solved.
  11. So, in the last 4-5 days now Kaspersky is blocking the app Discord on my PC. It doesn't give me any notifications whatsoever I just can't launch discord while Kaspersky is active. Discord shows me the following error '' Update failed - retrying in X sec... ''. I did get in contact with Discord support and for 3 Days we tried many different ways to fix it, other versions, PTBs, older versions, different launch options etc. but in the end, it came all to the same result, Discord won't launch, no matter which version it is unless I completely turn of Kaspersky. When i do turn off Kaspersky - launch Discord - turn on Kaspersky, Discord won't show me pictures and won't let me play videos via the app. After a couple minutes more Discord will get in a state where you would get normally if you don't have internet connection anymore. So, as said to be able to use Discord i need to turn off Kaspersky. When i try to add the Discord.exe as a trusty source via Kaspersky option -> threats and exceptions -> specify trusted apps, Kaspersky does crash. I did attach a screenshot about it. When im in the opions '' exceptions for application '' and i add Discord.exe after i click 'tamam' which means OK, nothing happens (even if i wait for long). After i click it 1 more time Kaspersky just crashes. So here the stuff i already did and still doing. -Check for Updates and do them -Check drivers -Launch with administrator -Try older Version of Discord -Try to add as many folders etc from Discord as a Trusty source -Try different Version of Discord like Public Test Build -Send crash report when Kaspersky crashes I would be happy if someone can give me a solution to this. Discord staff run out of options to let me try so it seems like it might be a problem with Kaspersky. My Version is Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Build 22621 --- (k) --- It's standart version of Kaspersky. Not a free one.
  12. I would like some help with this message that keeps popping up every time I start my computer, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software three times and it always reappears, the message says "The previous startup of the application failed" and a report has to be sent , I already sent the report that the message asks for but even so it reappears, I wanted support for this and in the application settings there is no function that disables sending data, and at the time of installation I unchecked the option sending data to report, I request clarification on the matter...
  13. Hi, After installing Kaspersky I used quick scan after it my pc went black for 2/3 mins. Idk exactly. After that my pc restarted, but my mouse cursor disappeared even tho my mouse is on and same with my keyboard they both have rgb so I know that they are on, but aren't working. I can press any button, but it's not going to work. My mouse is Model O and the keyboard is Genesis Thor 150 After I saw this problem I thought maybe taking mouse usb and keyboards wire and putting them in would work, but nothing. Now I don't know what to do because I can't do anything I have another office mouse with a wire I put it in and still nothing the cursor just won't appear. I downloaded the best version of Kaspersky free trial please help me
  14. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. The article is giving a working configuration instructions for domain authentication by using NTLM and Kerberos protocols. NOTE: Domain authentication in OpenAPI over Kerberos protocol has the following restrictions: Administration Server address must be specified exactly as the address for which the Service Principal Name (SPN) is registered for domain account name. In the domain, you need to set the Service Principal Name (SPN) to publish the OpenAPI service on port 13299 for the machine with the Administration Server, the service of which is running under the name of the domain user <domain-user>. Kaspersky Security Center 13 Web Console user must be authenticated in Active Directory by using Kerberos protocol. Kerberos authentication should be allowed in web-browser. For details, refer to documentation of used web-browser. Details SPN - Service Principal Name Log in Domain Controller as Domain administrator. Open powershell as admin and run the following commands: Powershell setspn.exe -A HTTP/hostname-node-1.domain.local -u domain\user-ksc-service setspn.exe -A HTTP/hostname-node-2.domain.local -u domain\user-ksc-service Example setspn.exe -A HTTP/kscw-node-1.sales.lab -u sales\ksc setspn.exe -A HTTP/kscw-node-2.sales.lab -u sales\ksc setspn.exe -L -u sales\ksc #command for check spn records #Response Registered ServicePrincipalNames for CN=KSC Service,CN=Users,DC=sales,DC=lab: HTTP/kscw-node-1.sales.lab HTTP/kscw-node-2.sales.lab Enable Kerberos/NTLM authentication in web browsers Microsoft Edge \ Internet Explorer win + r => inetcpl.cpl Activate the Security tab. Select Local intranet and click Sites. In the opened dialog box click Advanced. Add the host name of Adaxes Web interface (e.g. host.company.com). Click Close and then click OK. Click Custom level. Navigate to Scripting and enable Active scripting. Navigate to User Authentication \ Logon. Select Automatic logon only in Intranet zone and click OK. Activate the Advanced tab. In the Settings list, navigate to the Security section. Select Enable Integrated Windows Authentication and click OK. Mozilla Firefox - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Integrated_authentication Launch Mozilla Firefox In the URL window, enter about:config and press Enter. In the filter text box, enter network.negotiate. Double-click the network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris option and enter the host name of Adaxes Web interface (e.g. host.company.com). Repeat previous step for the network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris option. Google Chrome Add the Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\AuthServerWhitelist key equal to *.<domain-name>.local to the registry Add the Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\AuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelist key equal to *.<domain-name>.local to the registry
  15. I recently purchased a Crumar Performer that has some keyboard issues. The bottom C is completely dead and the other 4 C's have a very long sustain, regardless of where the slider is positioned in the Strings section. All the other keys are fine. I've taken it apart and cleaned the contacts but that hasn't helped at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. I just want ask you if it is okay use not officially released product. So on my local website kaspersky.cz is still version 21.3... And i have link for download czech version 21.8 and also for 21.9 newest version i thinkg. These versions are not released officially on kaspersky.cz (will be later). It is okay use it? And what about share this link with others? Or it is forbidden? Please only special statement from KL employee for example @Danila T. or @Igor Kurzin Thank you
  17. Thanks Flood. I bought the Premium version on Amazon but because I left it a day before buying the price had gone by £10 up to £33.99. Still, a much better price than renewing. So I have the purchase in Amazon and the activation code but can't find the download. Amazons instructions suggest that it's on the 'Your Account - Your Games and Software Library Screen' but its not. Listed are two software packages I've purchased along with their activation codes (one is the new Kaspersky Premium) but there's no download button whereas Amazon's instructions, and ive cycled through them suggests it should be. The screen indicates: Supported browsers include: Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Safari Go to Your Games and Software Library. Select Download next to the game or software you want to download. Follow the on-screen instructions. Select How to redeem this item if you need help with activating your product. When the download completes, proceed with installation of the game or software. Tip: If your purchase includes a code, check Locate and Redeem Your Digital Software or Video Games. Enter the code when prompted during the installation process. There is no Download button to select. Amazon's AI doesn't seem to offer any suitable help to this problem. I use Windows 10 Professional with Microsoft Edge browser which is built on Google Chrome. I use Kaspersky as described above and have no pup-up blocker. I had a quick look on Kaspersky's site to see if I could download it from there, not knowing if the Amazon activation code would work using that approach. From the sitemap page Sitemap | Kaspersky I can see that there's a download for Premium but when I pressed that it downloads a file called kaspersky4win202121.15.8.493en_33703.exe I've not gone any further. Any suggestions on a way forward in ensuring I get a download that works with this Amazon bought activation coade?
  18. Hello guys, Currently i am running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build SO: 19045 with latest Microsoft Windows 10 updates. I was using Kaspersky Cloud Free as my antivirus. Yesterday i received an update for my anti-virus for the newest Version I cannot open On-Screen Keyboard even if i press the shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+P. I also uninstall the antivirus completely and remove all leftovers. I also Uninstall only one of my web browsers Mozilla Firefox I downloaded the latest version available on the global website from Kaspersky and from My Kaspersky (Downloads). The version is the right one for European countries. If you remember well i already faced this problem in the past. But on that time Seem's there isn't any version available for European countries, so the resolution was removing completely Kaspersky free from my system and install the Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. I think I will make the same when you find a solution, please tell me OK! I did a Microsoft Windows Clean install on March 30, 2023. I am running out of ideas to fix the problem! I use Home Banking a Lot i need my On-Screen Keyboard to put the Password instead of Physical Keyboard. I think it's safer! But if nothing of this works in either Browser I will be forced to downgrade. But i also think that sooner or later my anti-virus will want to make the upgrade happen again. So, what can i do to avoid that? Thank you very much for the time that you will spend to try to find a solution. Best Regards. Hugop.
  19. Was there and end date to Toal Security or did it stop supporting windows 7 at end of 2023 I was using Kaspersky total security on 12/30 but when I tried to use on 12/31/23 and then again on 01/01/2024 the program started loading quick scan and privacy clean just disappeared off screen and there was no indication that the database files were updating and loading new virus definitions. Was program officially gone on 01/01/24. Working from new computer now but trying to transfer files and make mirror copy of hard drive so I can work offline but having tremendous problems getting computer stay in working mode and when completed the Total Security home page screen where you could access the various functions such as data base update
  20. windows 8.1 Kaspersy total security (h) device used: Laptop. until a couple of weeks ago my virtual keyboard worked fine. now when I use it, it will not close down, it will only close when I shut down safe banking completely. I have tried using it in other browsers, firefox, chrome, brave, duckduckgo but that makes no difference. It is very annoying as it blocks the page I'm using when doing my banking.
  21. During installation, you had to set a password for the admin account, and after the first launch, log in under it and pre-configure the solution (in terms of performance) If this stage is passed, then to enter Administrator mode, enter your credentials login - Administrator password - Administrator Also, don’t forget to check the local login checkbox. After logging in, you can change this password to the one you need https://support.kaspersky.ru/KATA/6.0/en-US/247449.htm
  22. Hello everyone, After I updated Kaspersky Free to the latest version my keyboard stopped working. I tried many solutions but nothing worked. Please help.
  23. Hello DedoP, Welcome! 1. There is no interface language change Setting, (you) need to download & install - Kaspersky Plus - English version - from Kaspersky's Global website, using this link: Kaspersky Plus for Windows® 2. Please follow these images & the read the documentation: Protecting personal data on the Internet About protection of personal data on the Internet About On-Screen Keyboard How to open On-Screen Keyboard How to configure the display of the On-Screen Keyboard icon About protection of data entered on the computer keyboard How to configure protection of data entered on the computer keyboard Any questions or issues, please post back? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  24. Safe. both quick and selected on the hard drive that is not formated
  25. Добавьте пожалуйста шорт каты https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сочетание_клавиш keyboard shortcut, quick key, access key, hot key Сворачивание программы в трей, сворачивание программы в панель задач, закрытие (выход из программы, с завершением процесса и службы), блокировку базы, создание новой карточки, редактирование уже существующей карточки, листание разных учёток в одной карточке, создание новой "группы", открытие настроек, синхронизацию, копирование значений из полей user name, password,переход к определенной группе "аккаунты/банковские карты/заметки/документы/" Раздельные горячие клавиши для копирование значения из поля "логин" в буфер обмена и отдельной клавиши для копирования значения из поля "пароль" (не ctrl+c) в буфер обмена. Нужно для того чтобы можно было alt+tab'абаться между программой и менеджером паролей. И копировать конкретное поле сразу, а не водить мышкой. например открыл steam чтобы залогиниться atl+tab, появилось окно менеджера ctrl+f, вод пары символов для поиска, из активной карточки (если нужная карточка не активна, "активируешь её стрелочками") нажимаешь ctrl+z (копировал в буфер логин), alt+tab открылось окно ввода в стим ctrl+v, alt+tab ctrl+x (копировал в буфер пароль) alt+tab ctrl+v. можете даже их за хардкодить, без возможности что-то настроить не нужно отвечать на моё предложение формулировкой "функция мало востребованная, маловероятно добавим", это нужно было сделать много лет назад ещё до запроса от пользователей, простите меня конечно, но программе больше 12 лет, и в ней всё ещё нету базовых вещей. За двенадцать лет можно было уже и с дистрибутивом под линукса определиться, и обеспечивать работу только на одном конкретном дистрибутиве. Почему такие простые вещие нужно выпрашивать у разработчика который претендует на место среди лидеров рынка?
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