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  1. Hey, when this window above is open - press on the keyboard IDDQD and the icon should make the switch.
  2. I don't understand why a second thread would create chaos in tracking? But I can understand why you are changing this thread description to make it look , like there are 2 problems connected together. But that's absolutely not true! KIS18 versions are unable to protect stealing data out of the Safe Browser easily by using the "print" key of your keyboard. Even If you are experiencing no problems with Safe Browser! Thanks for your help, I will contact tech support and post the security issue on facebook.
  3. Doing it again , Calculating the time remaining to do a quick scan waiting for over a hour now to start.
  4. Thanks for the replies first.Let me tell you I'm really a experienced user working for over 15 years with all kinds of software and operating systems. Of course I'm smart enough to know, that upgrading from KIS18 to KIS19 (clean deinstallation + new install) could solve the problem I was explaining above.But if you read carefully I wanted to know if there is a way of fixing my installation without a new installation.As Fenderman said above , It is common knowledge there had been lots of problem with KIS19 after release, so there is always a reason to still use the KIS18 version if it is working properly for your system. Maybe with the newest Patch E from 8th April KIS19 is working much better and I will git it a try, because until now I still found no way to fix my KIS18 Safe Browser. I will do this later and leave a reply here. But let us please talk again about the BIGGER SEURITY ISSUE I posted above. It seems all KIS18 versions are unable to protect stealing data out of the Safe Browser easily by using the "print" key of your keyboard. People, this is easiest backdoor anyone could use. Unfortunately I was able to reproduce this Issue on my laptop, that is telling me KIS18 works properly and it is protecting me.The laptop isn't using any special 3rd party software to get the information, simple copy past by using print key and Safe Browser was in full screen mode. I will leave you a picture of this at the end of my post, and I think I should open a new thread to spread this information around! Knowing this I would advise everybody to check if this security Issue is still present in the KIS19 version.
  5. Quick scan seems to be working now , once launched it takes a few mins to start working, never did that before.
  6. Kaspersky Internet Security Won't Scan a Quick Scan or Full Scan.
  7. Kaspersky Internet Security wont scan a full scan or quick scan. Uninstalled and reinstalled same thing , not working. Running windows 8.1 KIS version (d)
  8. I'm experiencing really crazy behavior with the Safe Browser of KIS18. I'm using Win7 SP1 64Bit , FireFox 66.0.3 64bit . It was working well in the last weeks/months/years, but since 2 days ago I'm only getting error messages. If I enter Safe Browser for Firefox I get this : Advanced information: As you can see, red error message about Bookmark- and History-Systems that are not functionally. Upper right corner shows a information message for the kaspersky protection add-on, if I click on it : I'm asked to activate the plug-in , but doesn't matter if I click on "activate" because this setting will not be saved. Every time I enter Safe Browser I see the same as shown above. I researched the security settings for crypto modules and certificates. Crypto-modules looks damaged, because of multiple entries, I have no rights do delete the obsolete ones , picture : The Kaspersky certificate is missing, if I try to import it , I'm getting next error , telling me I have no rights to import it : The normal mode of my Firefox is working perfectly, I can open all https / SSL sites, kaspersky certificate installed, no profile issues. I Tried mozilla troubleshooting workarounds and wanted to delete files in profile folder of safe browser firefox profile, but like before I'm not aloud to rename or delete those files. Kaspersky seems to protect this folder. I can't change possession or rights for the profile-folder in C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\SafeBrowser\kis , funny because I'm the only User set for this machine and logged in as Administrator. I still haven't found a way to delete or change this files, but I can change the name of the folder above"kis" . If doing that and starting safe browser again, kaspersky will create a new kis and profile-folder with same problems and no rigths for me to delete the files. Do I really have to re-install KIS or upgrade to KIS19 to get rid of this problem? I don't care about history/settings/bookmarks from safe browser profile , but I don't want to loose all my settings set in KIS and absolutely don't want to loose my working firefox profile or any information within it. I'm having 2 more computers on the same network and operating system, all working still well with safe browser, I can use them If I really need safe browser. But in general I would like to fix this problem on my main machine. ANOTHER BIG SECURITY ISSUE : I was able to get all these screenshots just by the clicking "print" key on my keyboard and copy into paint. Safe Browser was in windowed mode. If using microsoft snipping tool, display information is greyed out and safe browser is protected, but in this case protection totally failed! I will try to reproduce this on other systems.
  9. Berny I checked on my Chrome extension as well and discovered I had the previous version so removed it and installed the latest then rebooted. I already had the latest Chrome but downloaded it again. How ever I now have a grey K shield as opposed to the green one on all sites and when I click on it only the grey icon shows with a line through the eye in the middle the eye plus a grey line then X then another grey line plus a box with green dots in it. When I put the cursor on it, it says Kaspersky Protection has access to the site but I do not get the options of Secure Keyboard, Anti banner etc What do I need to do? Thanks mikethebike
  10. Hi Flood. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes its an active process as its waiting for connection. I was using it to stop getting up and down between our pc's lol and yes I can close it down. Its not a requirement. But it lead me to wonder if I can exclude the app or others from the application monitoring as it seemed to count to time usage limits? Free version... but trying out the trial for full version. I will grab that report. I am a Citrix SME so shouldnt be too hard haha
  11. With KIS 2018 and Windows 7 no problem insert/clikking data on VIRTUAL KEYBOARD (e.g. to insert passwords to control keyloggers) via TOUCHSCREEN. But with KIS 2019 and Windows 10 that seems no more possible ! But using the old MOUSE (who get it still ?) yes ! It's confirmed this loss of funtionality ? Eventually what the reason ? Giovanni
  12. Hello. I have a quick question regarding the activation keys for KIS 2020. I upgraded the software a while ago and it still runs fine with the old 2019 license. So as my current license is running out, i am wondering when buying a new one, can I use another 2019 license and extend it like that or do I have to buy the 2020 version now?
  13. Hello momtokid2125, Thanks for persisting with this, it's a steep learning curve but worth it & you're doing great! I had a quick look at the PM, there's a lot there, it will take me a while to go through. To address the Windows accounts. There should be a parent account = you, the parent account has higher privileges. You son must only have a standard account. Can you screen print the accounts, upload to cloud & PM the link please? Please don't post the account images to your post. Regarding your son exceeding the device Time of Use for 3.5 hours, I do not doubt the information. The answer may be in the "notifications", if I find it I will certainly tell you. Just to really test the solution, please ask your son to do everything he can to override KSK, (apart from accessing the computer under your profile:wink:) I know you'll let me know if he finds a way. Thanks again.
  14. Hello, I just installed Kaspersky free AV, downloaded through your website (startup_14441.exe) an hour ago and it destroyed my laptop, latest Windows 10 64bit, default AV Windows 10 Defender + Malwarebytes free (manual mode scan). There is no malware on the laptop, I do daily scans with both Defender and Malwarebytes. The installation of your AV went through fine it seems, it asked me if I want to activate KSN, I said no. It then installed and then there was a popup asking me two things I dont remember, I think if I want the AV to auto remove known malware like dialers and such, and another question. I wanted to click ok/next, but nothing happened anymore. The dialog was frozen. I clicked start menu button, the animation of the button went down, but no start menu appeared. I had Chrome open in the background, and it had asked me to activate the Kaspersky addon, Chrome was still responding at this moment. I clicked yes enable, and at this time Chrome stopped responding too. More and more parts of the OS seemed to freeze/ crash every second. I tried ctrl+alt+del but no reaction. There was still animation going on on the start menu, I could still move the mouse cursor, I could still type with my bluetooth keyboard, but the entire OS seems to be freezing. After about 1 minute or so, I got a bluescreen of DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT or something, system not responding anymore. PC restarted. Restarted Windows, logged in, all seemed to work. I opened the Kaspersky systray icon to look through the settings, then maybe after 30 seconds of login, everything started to freeze again. After 1 minute or so, watchdog bluescreen and reboot. Restarted Windows, logged in... same behavior. I am now stuck. Cant uninstall or do anything anymore, the PC is totally broken, because of your software. Tried to boot into safe mode, but pressing F8 during Windows boot manager doesnt do anything, it always boots into normal mode. Triggering safe mode out of Windows doesnt work obviously, because I have not enough time, the system starts to freeze after login maybe 20-30 seconds later.
  15. Welcome. First thing: Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product. After we know that: How do you connect to the internet? Is your internet connection ok? Is your internet connection metered? Have you waited 15 minutes after system boot up to see if the update will occur? Reboot, then check system date/time correct, then Settings > Additional > Network > Proxy server > select Do Not use proxy server. Are you on battery or main power? Settings > Performance > uncheck Disable scheduled tasks. Are you in Gaming Profile? Kaspersky Settings > Performance > uncheck Automatically disable some functionality when in full screen mode. Is your Kaspersky license expiring in a few days? If your license is a managed subscription, please click Subscription, located at lower right of the main Kaspersky window, then click the "Update subscription status" button. Then start an Update. If still no go, attach the Detailed update report. Enable Log Non Critical Events: Settings > Additional > Reports and quarantine > check Log Non-critical events. Then do an update. Main Kaspersky window, lower center, More Tools > right side, click Reports > upper right > Detailed reports, upper left > dropdown > Update, select the current entry > right-middle > click Details > Save icon at upper right > Save, name the file and save it somewhere and attach it to your next post. If the file is too large to upload, then zip it (right click, send to > compressed zipped folder) and upload the zip. If the update report appears to be blank, please post the screenshot of the update report. How to take and post screenshot: PrtSc (Print screen) key (upper right part of keyboard)> open Paint (Start > All programs > Accessories) > Edit > Paste, File > Save as (jpeg or png, Not bmp). When replying, bottom left of reply box > Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Submit reply. Disable Log Non Critical Events when done. Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions:
  16. I'm not asking to switch KIS language, since it is already set to english. When user's keyboard is switched to non-english, I can't switch keyboards using hotkey in KIS, because the hotkey does not work. I must switch using mouse keys on taskbar, which is annoying.
  17. How can I change the language from Portuguese (PT) to English (ENG) in the Kaspersky Internet Security app on my laptop (Windows 10)? I tried to search a bit in the forum and the suggested fix was to click shift + F12, but this doesn't seem to work on my laptop, instead that messed up the keyboard output.. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  18. when entering password to KIS2019 application, the language switch hotkey (left alt+shift) does not work. is it a kind of safe keyboard handling? is it possible to make language switch hotkey working?
  19. Hello everyone, I will still write a full reply although I think I’ve figured this out now and it is partly solved, although it might be problematic for other users under similar usage so should anyone else encounter this issue, this might be the answer. Berny I did of course try to figure out the reason for the blue screen on my own but the error code - to me - was one of those that could've been quite anything. It was rather the timing that made me suspicious, as I believe this computer has not suffered a bluescreen within the last 4 years. So during the testing of the issue, a blue screen was rather suspicious. I have installed BlueScreenView but this would not come up with anything, as there seem to be no logs in the folder specified by the program and I was unable to locate the minidumps elsewhere. Right after the crash I checked the EventLog and it came up with 0x00000101. FLOOD Thanks for the reply, I've done as you said and uninstalled/reinstalled the program as per instruction and deleted MBAM during the installation as Kaspersky was nagging me about it, just to be sure. The program seems a bit sluggish in speed compared to the older one but this might fix itself after it ran for some time (I hope). My SSD showed me 71.1 GB free after uninstalling KIS and installing the new version, leaving me with 6 GB more than before. Quick Scan came up with nothing, skipping another full scan and going straight for a custom scan of a data drive would again result in data being written to the SSD. KIS keeps creating small files that instantly disappear but also created another large file that reached 11.818.432 KB before I cancelled the scan. After ending the scan, this time KIS would instantly free up the space again, although I believe this to be due to the custom scan. You cannot resume a custom scan, so a full scan might keep the data in the TEMP folder until you fully reset it. As I now understand this is all actually intended behaviour. So just to confirm this, I instead checked my folder for some packed files and ran a scan of those (20.8 GB packed file, 25 GB unpacked) will indeed create a ~25 GB .tmp file by Kaspersky before proceeding to delete it. As the file would vanish once the scan is done I kept refreshing but the numbers check out. This means KIS will unpack the full archive every time to scan it. While I understand this, it is rather poorly implemented, considering that many people might actually run an SSD as System Drive which not only has limited writes but also often limited space. If you would have 50 GB as buffer you will inevitably run into problems trying to scan packed archives larger than this, which means KIS is probably not even able to scan those files as it might very well realize that the drive runs out of space, just delete the so-far unpacked archive and proceed to scan the next file. Considering KIS could first check whether it actually has enough space available to unpack such a file before starting to unpack GB of data onto a limited SSD seems logical to me. Not considering that people that have several data drives like me for storage or professional reasons might actually cause problems to their SSD eventually. While I am fully aware of modern SSD's durability, my SSD program told me that at current, KIS was writing around 1.5 TB of data per day. Considering that a full scan of several drives might easily result in a scan taking more than one day, a full scan should probably only be ran as an exception and not at all regularly. This issue will be nonexistent for many people as they might not work with compressed files to save storage or their compressed files will not hit the buffer they have left on their SSD. Still, considering that it has been stated again and again that especially on an SSD you want to leave some space free, regularly having KIS fill your SSD to the brink despite one believing to have sufficient buffer at 50-60 GB is certainly not good. As many people could also have significantly a significantly smaller SSD. Anyway the question that now remains is whether KIS will now heed my change of settings on ignoring archives or archives larger than 100 MB. I assume this might not work under a custom test as it will just scan everything, so I am rerunning a full scan now with those settings and will monitor the writes and storage on the SSD. But this is going to take some time, so I don't expect the results today, possibly not even tomorrow but it might also be much faster "IF" Kaspersky now properly skips archives. As this was now, after all, intended behaviour I can see that for users like me or users that have a lot of data, compressed data or limited SSD space, the best solution would be to ignore packed files every time or simply - and probably the best solution - move the TEMP folder to a different drive. I feel partly silly as after all, this was apparently all intentional behaviour by KIS but I also truly believe that something like this should be better documented or optimized. Watching your Drive evaporating before your eyes, unpacking terrabytes of data onto an SSD every time you run a full scan is probably not what your average user would expect. Considering that I believe KIS skips these files only AFTER running out of space on the SSD and then trying to again unpack a file that will not fit the SSD regardless makes this behaviour quite nonsensical anyway. Results for the full scan without scanning archives is pending, I will update again as the older version seems to have had the issue with ignoring my wish to skip over archives. Sorry to have wasted anyone's time, as I said at the very beginning, I did not know whether this behaviour was at all intended but was simply shocked to see my SSD at less than 200 MB of available space. At this point I would however call it poorly implemented or at least poorly documented. Thanks for everyone's help, regardless! Kind regards.
  20. Hello FLOOD, Thank you! Not just for the welcome but also the quick response. I tried to cover everything but I mean it could've been worse as I felt tired and a little bit annoyed after having to rewrite several things again while also a bit worried as to what causes all of this. That its a known issue must be a good thing although this probably also means my rather extensive web research has failed to come up with an answer then. I usually try not to bother people if solutions can be found elsewhere but be assured that I did research thoroughly, but had a hard time to come up with anything. The reason why I speculated this to be an older cause is due to a few posts I found from way back then, on the old Kaspersky board: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=113804&tab=comments#comment-953960 https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=63141&tab=comments#comment-576888 I just felt like adding this as it seems quite, quite similar although no solution was found, apparently, at least nothing that I could've used. Thank you again, I shall be waiting for your reply. Kind regards.
  21. Hello everyone, after a BSOD I can now write it all again, forgive me some sloppiness. I am currently using KIS and have encountered a severe problem although I do not know if the behavior is not intended. I have not seen this before at least on my machine. As of yesterday, KIS has apparently crashed for the 2nd time without notice within around one month, which I only realized after I hovered the tray-icon which would then disappear upon which I restarted KIS. As usual I was concerned and began a full scan. I left the computer to do this and much later, as the scan was still running wanted to open some files and realized that my C Drive, a 500 GB 850 EVO showed me 5 GB of remaining space. As I was absolutely certain that I would’ve never filled up my SSD that much I tried to instantly investigate but upon refreshing, I also realized that I could literally watch my drive space disappearing into thin air at an alarming rate. Within less than 30 seconds I was down to less than 1 GB and thought of a virus, expecting a crash as I refreshed a last time around 200 MB left. At that point however my SSD space magically went back to my original ~65 GB of remaining space. The problem didn’t disappear as my SSD space was once more rapidly disappearing in front of my eyes, first checking my SSD health and an SSD tool I made sure that this wasn’t just some error, no something was indeed writing at an alarming rate onto my SSD. Using Process Explorer, Process Monitor and the Resource Monitor I figured out that apparently KIS was writing at insane rates to my SSD, all into C:\Windows\Temp as PR****.log. Stopping the full scan would instantly stop the writes, while starting it again would instantly resume the writes. KIS did not find anything under the quick scan and 70 % into the total scan - which is where I aborted - nothing either. MBAM has not come up with anything either. Computer stable - at least until I tried to recreate the issue - for 24 hours. After a lot of internet research I saw some other people had similar problems way back until 2008 and 2010. I eventually restarted the scan and then realized that the write-rates were normal while it was scanning my C Drive, but instantly went crazy once it hit one of my data-drives. Now my assumption at this point is that this is connected to how Kaspersky checks archives. I have a lot of packed files on my data-drives and – I have no idea – at this point guess that Kaspersky analyzes those by somehow unpacking them in a safe environment. On the one hand that wouldn’t be so bad, although my SSD program told me I was currently writing around 2.5 TB of data per day and a full scan of my system might easily take that long which absolutely cannot be healthy. Especially if KIS decides to crash a few more times on me, prompting me to do another full scan. On the other hand even if that is the case, none of my archives is bigger than ~5 GB and I could see no reason why Kaspersky would write that much data onto my SSD and keep it there until the system runs out of memory instead of deleting it again once an archive would be checked. At first I was still not convinced as my storage had magically reappeared as it hit zero, but just as I was still researching my computer had a BSOD for probably the first time in… years. I cannot say whether this BSOD is connected to Kaspersky writing to my drive at all at this point, but it seems too convenient to be a pure coincidence. Trying to turn off the options for checking archives and enabling additionally that KIS should not check archives bigger than 100 MB has proven futile at solving this problem. As I am not even certain whether this is the cause, how Kaspersky actually works in such situations or what I can do at this point apart from moving my TEMP-Folder to another drive – I decided to see if someone can help me at figuring this out. Also note that moving my TEMP-Folder to another drive would not really bother me but it still seems incredibly strange that KIS would write hundreds of GB to a drive and then keep them there until the drive runs out of space. Is that really intended behavior? Would upgrading KIS even solve this problem? Am I on the right track about the archives at all or is it wrong anyway? Thanks for any kind of help. System Info in short: Windows 10, KIS, Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB SSD, 4 Drives total (500 GB, 3 TB, 3 TB and 600 GB), 16 GB RAM The rest I assume would not matter. TL; DR: KIS writing insane amounts of data to SSD until SSD runs out of storage, then apparently resets (or crashes to BSOD) while running a full scan, possibly packed files causing the issue.
  22. the zip it created is 7.1MB. It has been 3 Hours, still it is "Transfer In Progress". I checked my internet speed, it is pretty good. I just now also tried uploading similar size file in another site, it was very quick.
  23. Hi thanks for your reply I checked other settings and "Detect other software" was already enabled. I have done a database update. As I did a full scan yesterday which revealed nothing, do I just need to do a quick scan today before following the other steps on your post or do i need to do another full scan?
  24. Lots of users getting an avp.exe update after deploying Kaspersky 11.1 It's an application error, a memory issue on start-up: 0x001d74dc Quick solution? Now we run KAVRemover and usually the second install is fine; but there are lots of users...
  25. This forum is great for quick and easy resolution of issues that fellow users can easily resolve, without the need for Tech Support. For issues that require more in depth investigation, please contact Tech Support. If the issue is not readily resolved on the forum, please contact Tech Support.
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