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  1. Thanks for your replies. @nexon Here’s the installed version, I hope it includes patch as well: KSC Version @FLOOD I’ve installed all the features and applications included in the KSC bundle, including Kaspersky Safe Kids (I referred to KSC as to the subscription with all it’s services). Sorry if it caused any misunderstanding. Regarding 1 and 2; I’m still using Malwarebytes in addition to KSC. I’ll do it soon and I’ll upload the results (logs). @Anton Mefodys You indeed understand correctly. I’m glad this issue is known and going to be fixed soon.
  2. Hello, I’m using Kaspersky Security Cloud on my laptop (Dell XPS 15 7590) and I’m suffering from a bug. The first time I’ve restarted my PC after installing KSC I’ve noticed that after I log in to my account the screen stays black. I could see the cursor moving around and my BT devices got connected as usual but the PC wasn’t usable. I found a work-around but the problem exists everytime I start up the PC. The work-around in the meantime is: Log-in. Encounter black screen. CTRL+ALT+DEL. Sign-out from the account. Sign back in to the account. Screen isn’t black anymore. I’ve searched the web and found different posts from several years with the same problem. Here’s the most recent one: "Screen stays black after enter password" If anyone else suffers from this bug I hope this work-around helps you. I would like the problem to be resolved or at least get guidance towards solving it. Waiting for support and don’t forget to stay safe, Zwick 👍 P.s. I’m using the latest Windows 10 Pro. OS - Version & Build
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