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  1. Thanks for the advise. Now I see that "plus" is the new version of Security Cloud. Back to my problem with subscription. Because there was a restart demand from kaspersky on my main home PC to upgrade version I tried another way. I uninstalled Kaspresky products on PC where the problem with subscription was. Than I reinstalled Kapersky Cloud just to see if the problem will persist. After reboot the subscription was accepted. This way I was assured that I can reboot my PC and that I have a solution to the subscription problem. I restarted the PC and the subscription was accepted with Kaspersky Plus. Now I just hope that there was some glitch on that other PC and that it won't happen again. BR
  2. Hi again New info... I noticed that on one computer Kaspersky Plus is already installed and subscription is active. Now I'm even more confused. 😄 BR
  3. Hi Today I rebooted my computer (Win10pro) because kaspersky needed to do this due to "required to complete version upgrade". After reboot the product was changed from Kaspersky Security Cloud (for 10 devices) to Kaspersky Plus ?!?!?! Also it is saying that "Subscription is blocked". I have a subscription for Security Cloud that is valid to 25th January 2023. Now I'm afraid that protection won't work on all other computers if/when I will be forced to upgrade. I realy don't want this to happen. On these PCs the protection still works also still works on Android devices. On one of that PCs I already have a message to reboot to complete the version upgrade. I'm attaching images of subscription details for this already upgraded PC, of that still not upgraded and the portion of message from myKaspersky for the upgraded device wher it is shown that my key is blocked. Also I also noticed today that Security Cloud is no longer supported in my region... see picture 4...jpg. When I bought the subscription it was! I have 3 PCs on Win10 and 1 on Win11. Please advise. BR
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