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  1. Hi Flood, New update. I've contacted Kaspersky lab support and they have detected this license has exceed the activation limit of 10 times as there are more than 10 different computers try to activate using that license. I've contacted the seller and show proof from email. They sent me a new license code. Issue is solved. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, 1. Before sending license, I didn't restart/power off my device. Then, I uninstall KIS - restart my device -install KIS - restart my device. But, when I open license in my Kaspersky website, it still show sending license. 2.
  3. Hi, 1. Device name is Asus_ROG2, OS is android, build is Android10. 2. Yes, it is compatible. 3. The device is showing status unknown.
  4. May I know is this issue solved? Or got another way to solve it? I'm getting the same issue here. I've followed all the step given but the issue still persist. License still keep sending like forever
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