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  1. Yep, it appears to be the case. Go Team!
  2. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for the info and additional context! 1. I was able to find the setting to turn off the Onscreen Keyboard in Safari, and that seemed to turn it off across the board. It is not popping up in any of the browsers, and the preferences option is also not showing up in either Firefox or Chrome. Woo! FYI, turning it back on in Safari re-enables the previous behavior. 2. Got it. 3. Please refer to answer in 1. 4. Got it, thanks for clarifying. I thought that was the case. Cheers!
  3. Hello! I wanted to write in as I am having similar issues and cannot get the On-Screen keyboard to not show up. I'm running Kaspersky Premium on Ventura 13.2 with Firefox, and even though I have unchecked the "Show onscreen keyboard" setting, it still pops up. It's also strange that my issue doesn't always pop up with passwords either, but what appears to be "sensitive information." Please see screenshot of the page I've been able to replicate. One thing I'd like to note: When I click on Preferences within the Firefox extension, nothing happens. I've looked through the suggestions here, but my UI is a bit different and I'm wondering if I'm missing a setting. Thanks for the help!
  4. @FLOOD after several days of using my Mac with version, I feel comfortable saying the issue seems to be resolved for me. I haven’t experienced any of the pesky hangups and connection blocks I was having for the past 6+ months. Hopefully, everyone who’s also experienced this issue received the update, and that it’s permanently solved in the ‘21 update. Thanks!
  5. Got it! Thanks for following up. I just woke up my Mac to write this reply and so far, so good! My Mac fired right up without hanging. This is just one attempt, so fingers crossed that it’ll continue and the bad behavior is a thing of the past.
  6. Thanks, @FLOOD! That’s odd that they’re claiminng patch B is the latest version as I didn’t have this b.c version before, but see if after the reboot. Not that I think you don’t believe me, but I am including a screenshot that includes the version, and the text saying is the latest. Can you please follow up with KHP to see what they say?
  7. After updating my database today, I was prompted to reboot. Once rebooted and Kaspersky was loaded, I looked up my version and saw Is this the fabled patch we’ve all been waiting for?? If so, I cannot speak to performance yet as my system has not been woken up from sleep. Can anyone else attest to improvements?
  8. Like others, I am incredibly disappointed with this issue and the lack of communication with the user base. I continuously come back to this thread, hoping for some form of resolution, but nothing. I feel Kaspersky not having a solution for this issue after 6+ months is a huge letdown. I understand fixes take time, I’m in product development. But the fact that their product is “faulty,” and causes our computers to suffer, is simply unacceptable. I’m also starting to get more notifications regarding Kaspersky’s legacy system extension being incompatible with future versions of macOS. These two issues have me a bit concerned about trusting them with the overall security of my system. I guess we’ll just have to keep on waiting.
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