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  1. @Flood and Flood's wife By the way, Thank You very much for the information on how to upgrade my KIS software. I am glad to finally have a current version. Thank you for your time and be well, my friend. @Zac ?
  2. Hi @Wesly.Zhang and @Flood and Flood's wife Yes the SnagIt software is a purchased/licensed program and requires registration. Sorry for the frustration. Snipaste unfortunately does not support scrolling capture in the free version, so I cannot test whether or not Kaspersky is the issue in this case/test. In reading the documentation for Snipaste, it is unclear if the option to scroll capture a window might be available if I paid for and registered for the Pro version of this program. I unfortunately would be taking a “chance” on a purchase not knowing if Snipaste would be a viable substitute for Snagit. The only thing we do know at this point, is Microsoft Edge does work as expected and allows scrolling capture. If we have reached a point where we cannot test further, I can switch to Edge for those tasks that require Snagit scrolling capture functions. In my opinion, Edge is not a reliable or safe browser, but since I already own a license for Snagit, I will need to make the best of this situation. Thanks ? @Zac
  3. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife 1 - I now have ver c installed on my PC. 2 - Done. 3 - Under “Software compatibility” there is a section called “Protection against screenshots”. Point 2 states “Your CPU does not support hardware virtualization”. This is true of my PC. It does not support this. Will this be an issue? Stopping at this point until I hear back. Thanks :)
  4. Sorry Flood… Not sure what you mean by “element”. I’ve attached the instructions on how Snagit should capture an area. The orange arrows in the instructions are the part that is not appearing on screen. Is that what you meant? I am in USA (on the east coast). Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need more. Zac :)
  5. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife 1 (clarification) Was advised by Kaspersky Support that the reason my KIS version number is not current is because “the update has not yet been pushed out to my area”. I do not know how Kaspersky “pushes out updates” so I do not know what that means or why my version of KIS is not the most current. 2 I do not know how to get a more current version of KIS. I will gladly update if you can show me how. 3 KIS (m) is not working with Snagit and Chrome. Thanks :) Zac
  6. Hey @Flood and Flood's wife , This is when KIS Protected Browser is not in use. Windows ver 10 (19041.508) KIS (m) Support ID INC000012004850. It started after the last KIS update. And oddly I still seem to be behind on updates. I say this because KIS looks totally different on my newer 2nd computer and has a 22 ver number. (Don’t have SnagIt on that PC). I tried support for the KIS ver number issue, but was advised to just be patient and I’ll get it when it gets pushed to my “area?”. Thoughts appreciated :) Zac PS JUST as I was ready to send - a thought hit me… tried it in Edge and I get the scroll arrows. So it’s just Chrome. (It is up to date). (and wife? - is this new?)
  7. Here is a link from the TechSmith SnagIt knowledgebase - https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&category=200174548&query=Kaspersky&commit=Search showing that there are several conflicts with Kaspersky when attempting to get a screen capture or scrolling screen capture while Kaspersky is active. I brought this issue to the attention of Kaspersky support, and they are saying it is “new”. TechSmith Snagit support has referenced the above link and stated it has been going on for quite some time with no resolution that they are aware of. Has anyone else seen this? Are there any community suggestions or resolutions? Thanks ??
  8. @FLOOD Didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to mark more than one answer as helpful. +1 to you too! Thanks all for your help with this.
  9. @Wesly.Zhang Really? facebook? Well damn. THANK YOU very much for the extra effort. That’s the one I was sure wasn’t the problem. Another +1 for you my friend.
  10. Hi - wondering if I could have you look over the following entries for me, please. Something in these is triggering the trojan alert again, but I can’t seem to pinpoint which one. I add them one at a time, but it seems to be a delayed reaction (sometimes hours) before the file is detected again. avast.com ipm-provider.ff.avast.com dotomi.com www.logmein.com www.teamviewer.us www.realvnc.com cdn.blatungo.com blatungo.com facebook.com www.facebook.com fb.com thesimsresource.com www.thesimsresource.com simsdom.com www.simsdom.com facebook.net doubleclick.net vacaneedasap.com aol.com oath.com yahoo.com netcheckcdn.xyz Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated ! Thanks 🤔🤓🙏
  11. @Wesly.Zhang Thanks for the info on adding an exclusion. My apologies for any misunderstanding, but I was updating you to let you know that deleting the google entries DID solve the problem. Thank you. ☺ 👍
  12. @FLOOD, @Wesly.Zhang Just following up… 2 reboots later and hosts file is still intact. Removing the google references did the trick. Thank you! PS: Let me know if anything in that KTS file needs attention. :)
  13. @FLOOD Here is the report. Seems like an awful lot of entries referencing that hosts file. :O
  14. @FLOOD , Oh, what I meant about the “silent part”… Kaspersky changed the hosts file by deleting the “infected” one and replacing it with a blank one. It did this without any type of notification. Is there a way to turn these notifications back on so that I know when the program is doing this type of change again in the future? Hope that makes more sense. Once I get past the trial period and am more familiar with how Kaspersky works, I probably won’t need as many notifications. Just want to know what’s being changed for now. :) Thanks!
  15. Hi @Wesly.Zhang , My MVPS HOSTS file is the one dated 03-03-20. As I mentioned I have deleted all the google entries that were given and re-enabled protections. So far the AV is not detecting the Trojan on that file any more. Thanks !
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