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  1. Hi, its hard to explain exactly where problem comes cuz i believe there are few on my pc/mob. I dont know when or how i picked it but i think i have a rootkit. Im no expert but i know i had open ports on my pc and router, connected to some weird DNS. While i was scaning my pc with Kali linux found traces of FTP and SAMBA servers together with some printer spoofer. I olso found many traces of virtual machines/disks so my usb ports always reroute fresh OS installs. Fighting alone for a while now i tryed Linux mint, clear linux, kali, arch, Ubuntu, Win 7/10/11. I was rebuilding kernels, deleting snaps, loops but with no luck at all. Would be nice if you coud point me in some direction since i tryed all i had. There is some strange high iritating tone coming out of laptop sometimes, and if i read corectly it has to do with communication thru SD-MMC or IIRC idk. And some stuff i saw mostly in linux after running > fuser -mv /dev (nemo-desktop, Busybox, blueman-applet, pol-kit-knome, vt_parse_"something"_"something" as well as mounting point on bin, lib, lib64, sbin folders in linux. Anyway i hope its not to late for my HP Compaq 6910p , cheers...
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