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  1. Hi Don’t know what the previous version was but now the interface and everything looks different so I think I had a older version. I installed Kaspersky Internet Security (Europe Union)
  2. So I tried to open and connect my Epic Games Launcher but it didn’t work, was in a connect loop or didn’t even wanted to connect. So then I tried to deinstall/reinstall and try so many things I found online like make exceptions in firewall, create ini files, modem reset, etc. until I closed Kaspersky Internet Security and then everything worked. I could login and connect and redownload my games. But the moment I opened Kaspersky it lost the connection and nothing worked again. I tried to put the exe as trusted network exception. All the files are marked trusted so I don’t know whats going on. EDIT: Update: So I deinstalled Kaspersky and reinstalled with a newer version and it works now. So job well done :)
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