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  1. https://www.kaspersky.com/enterprise-security/wiki-section/products/emulator Is this a local emulator or like fully fledged threat emulation?
  2. What Anti-Rootkit Technologies does Kaspersky Have? Im curious. Does System Watcher also stop rootkits being set up? What technologies are there to stop Rootkits?
  3. What if the connection is established? I've seen this happen before. Does kaspersky protect against what the rat is capabile of aswell?
  4. I mean what if like the connection is established, but it does malicious stuff? Can it detect the rat if the connection is established but the connection isnt detected via what the rat does?
  5. Besides setting custom HIPS rules. Does kaspersky do anything to protect you if the connection is established?
  6. Kaspersky has good scanners, signatures, and good protection against rats and backdoors. However, what happens if the connection is setup and they have access to your system? Are they able to just steal all your files with Kaspersky noticing, or will Kaspersky deal with it?
  7. I was also looking around and a strain of stealer has like no detections from kaspersky on VT (yet have 50 detections) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ip-address/ all files are here - idk how to submit a report here.
  8. Possible they made a exclusion to test just its termination abilities
  9. I found another one and sent it via email aswell, lets hope they respond back. Not sure if its a issue that the download is a Triage link but that does work.
  10. Couldnt it be possible though to stop unknown drivers - take the safe rather than sorry approach. In theory really, you shouldnt have unknown applications try to terminate Kaspersky.
  11. Yeah I saw. I sent it via email and I did get a warning reply
  12. Oh cool, wonder why they didnt respond to me. Maybe I attached it in a weird way.
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