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  1. Why is that Kaspersky keeps bring up these same registry issues? I clear them and the following day they are back again - surely once they are cleared, that means they have been fixed, or should have been fixed by the program? I get the impression that this is a default list and when you say fix, it doesn't actually do anything at all - merely cosmetic dressing to give you the impression that the program is providing 'value'.
  2. I also have this issue. On one PC I have the new Plus version, whereas my other PC has the Security Cloud installed - can I force an update to Plus to provide me the same functionality and interface? If so how can I do this? - btw, new Plus interface is easier to use 🙂
  3. Thank you - I have just forced an update to 20.0,14.1085(k) - though why I had to do this manually, and why it required 4 reboots is beyond me. I will see if this cures the issue
  4. Since upgrading to Windows 10 19041.264 last week I have had several bluescreen crashes from klif.sys in the non-paged pool. Is this a known issue - if it is when will it be fixed, if it isnt a known issue how do I get it fixed? Thanks
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